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  1. I have just started to use my Olympus Pen EOM1 for astrophotography with my Skywatcher 102 mak mounted on an eq5. The lack of a viewfinder is an issue with DSOs so I will be getting the VF2 finder soon, But for bright objects lije the Moon, it is great. I have attached a photo I took the other night at prime focus. You really need a cable release and a setting on the camera called Antishock. Without this, the images are blurred even using the 2 second delay feature. I also recently attended an Astrofest where I used RAW to take wide angle photos of the Milky Way. These turned out beautifully. If you haven't already, do get a micro 4/3 adapter to attach your camera to your scope. They are great cameras and the small size and lightweight character are bonuses. Good luck.
  2. Hi James, I have an Olympus Pen EPM1 but I have focusing issues. I have just bought a bahtinov mask to resolve this. Now have to wait for clear skies. Thanks for your comments. Julie
  3. Afocal moon through Skywatcher 102 mak with Celestron Ultima 18mm eyepiece.
  4. l took this photo on Sunday night at Bracken Ridge in Brisbane with my Nikon S3300 through my Skywatcher 102 mak with 18mm Celestron Ultima eyepiece. Note the sunlight hitting the far wall of Copernicus crater making it stand out inside the terminator.
  5. l took this photo on Sunday night at Bracken Ridge in Brisbane with my Nikon S3300 through my Skywatcher 102 mak with 18mm Celestron Ultima eyepiece. Note the sunlight hitting the far wall of Copernicus crater making it stand out inside the terminator.
  6. Strap it in on the back seat with a seatbelt. All my scopes travel this way.
  7. Nice image. The Hamburger is a lovely sight from a dark sky.
  8. Here are some of my attempts at photographing the eclipse. The morning started out fine but the clouds and rain soon rolled in. It started to clear at about mid eclipse (just under 50% coverage). These images show my equipment- a Skywatcher 102 mm mak on a Celestron Nexstar SLT mount with Baader solar filter and my Skywatcher Heritage 3" dob. The first image is taken at prime focus with my Olympus Pen EPM1 camera. The next image is taken afocally through my 3" dob. The next is taken afocally with my Nikin 3300 through my Skywatcher 102 mak.
  9. Hi, I recently bought my brother a 90mm Skywatcher mak on an eq1 mount. I would have rather got him at keast an eq2 but monetary constraints prevented this. He is having issues with the altitude adjustment not being tight enough. Also the head of the mount is wobbly in the tripod. Does anyone have any suggestions to help with these issues or any other improvements which can be made in the meantime before he can get another mount. Thanks.
  10. Hello from Brisbane. Don't be in a rush to choose your scope. There are so many out there it can be quite confusing. Do lots of research and if possible go along to a public event run by astronomical society members to have a look through a number of scopes.The best scope is the one you use the most. Welcome and enjoy this fantastic hobby of ours.
  11. Afocal photo through my 102mm Skywatcher mak with Nikon Coolpix S3300.
  12. The Moon taken through the 18mm and 10mm eyepiece of my Skywatcher 102 mak with my point and shoot Nikon Coolpix camera. I particularly like the area around Copernicus crater.
  13. Lovely scope, I have the earlier version and trying to locate the scope on the tripod is a two person job. As I can't lift the whole 30 kg ota, I am the one lying on the ground trying to locate the bolts into the holes. I also use the Stella Cam 2 with it and it is perfectly matched to this gear producing some stunning views of DSO even in suburbia. Hope you get as much joy out of it as I do! (except for the above mentioned problem) Clear skies.
  14. Your scope doesn't need to be polar aligned as it is an altaz mount ie. it only works in altitude and azimuth. It is not an equatorial mount and therefore you will get something called field rotation as the motors keep the object in view. You can take some great photos of bright objects like the moon but for deep sky objects, it is probably not suitable because of the size of the scope and the need to take longer exposures. Instead of using a camera, you could try a webcam. I use the Stella Cam 2 with my 102mm maksutov with good results. Hope this helps.
  15. I have the Nexstar11 and it has the same problem but it is never left outside. You will need to take it to a reputable telescope technician to have the corrector plate removed and cleaned and then replaced. Those "dust spots" are probably mould growing in the damp conditions. All this will definately degrade your image, so get it done asap.
  16. Although I do have some gear, I get more of a thrill from observing visually.
  17. Thanks for that. I got really worried after reading the post because I have been doing that for years (shining a torch on it that is). My mirror is quite disgusting and in need of a clean and I will get around to it one day. I used to clean it quite regularly- once a year , after taking it away to the beach. Salt air and aluminised mirrors just don't mix!
  18. After reading a few posts about marks on mirrors, I saw the comment "Never shine a light on the mirror!" I have never heard this before. Can someone clarify it please?
  19. I have recently installed a Sky Commander DSC to my 8" Celestron Starhopper dob. Firstly I had to make a bracket to attach the altitude encoder. Then I had to move the balance point because of the height of the azimuth encoder and add extra weight to compensate in the form of ankle weights velcroed to the tube. The whole system now works very well. I am very happy with the Sky Commander as it makes the dob more user friendly- no more star hopping for me.
  20. The red dot pointer supplied with some Celestron telescopes is a complete waste of time and effort- it is so diffuse that it is useless.. Turn it off and install a Telrad onto the tube on the other side of the pointer. Several people in my Urban Observers group have done this with their Astromasters and the difference is amazing.
  21. I have just made out a list of 39 globular clusters which I haven't yet seen or not seen clearly which I will be using at our club's weekend away at a dark sky site. These are found in Scorpius, Sagittarius, Ophiuchus and Scutum currently high in the sky at the moment. This site contains a list of all the Mily Way Globulars www.seds.org/~spider/spider/MWGC/mwgc.html if anyone is interested. I hope the smoke from the many bushfires currently burning in south east Queensland clears away by then!
  22. Omega Centauri and 47 Tuc are superb even in urban skies. In a dark sky site, seeing the "Owl Eyes" feature is amazing! Another beautiful globular is NGC 6752 the Starfish in Pavo for us Southern Hemisphere observers.
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