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  1. there is only a very tiny amound of slack in the focuser tube. when you say collimate the laser, do you mean adjust it or check it? i'll have to read up on this thanks. tho it prob won't help the fact i don't have a barlow!!!! guess i'll have to read up on this too. i have a collimation cap already. looking down the tube the secondary seems ok, although tracing the lines i can see of the spider vanes of the secondary wouldn't quite meet the ring in the centre. not far off but not exactly. thanks for the replies chaps. i may get back to you:D
  2. Hi guys. i have a laser coll tool which is a little out. also my secondary was also out. the red dot on the primary was showing about 3/4" out. i adjusted the secondary(seemed quite a faff) to get the red dot on the edge of the centre 'hole'.( the donut shaped centre hole punch thingy) when spinning the laser around in the focuser it constantly wound it's way around the centre so this must be 'ringing' the centre. i.e. allowing for the discrepency. still following? thinking about it, when i collimate the laser must still be showing out, as it's not perfect set from the start. sooooo. how much would this affect the views i get? the laser is the one from FLO. are they adjustable? thanks for looking jobe
  3. as always a great service from flo. well done guys jobe
  4. i'll try that one too. also ray great website you have. enjoyed looking around it. jobe
  5. Hi guys. i live at witham st hughs, just south west of lincoln. i'll pm you both a bit more details jobe
  6. Hi guys. i live near lincoln and wondered if anyone fancied a night viewing. we could maybe learn from each other ( well i could learn off you) my darkish site is just south west of lincoln and offers near horizon views apart from from East which is around 15deg. there are road lights around a half mile away but thats about it. let me know if your interested. thanks for reading jobe
  7. that was the first thing i looked at. utterly amazing. certainly something you could look at all night. plus with the right mag you should see e and f in the trap
  8. my back garden is too light so i go to a disused airfield a couple of hundred yards away. very flat with only the east having high trees. rabbit hunters regularly come round as do security tho they are happy for me to be there. always the danger of tossers turning up tho if they started trouble they'd get a whack or two.
  9. Hi sorry for the late reply. as said previous, you have to add another weight or get a longer bar. i decided to get an extension bar from flo which made balancing a breeze. i didn't want to add more weight to the whole unit. have a word with steve, he may be able to help you out
  10. congratulations digz. i have the same scope and it's truly a beast. hope you have many happy nights with it. jobe
  11. Hi AJ where abouts in Barton are you. i come from there originally and don't recognise the streets. moved to just south west of Lincoln now and have an old airfield (swinderby) to set up in. btw, i think you've only posted the pics to show off your garden. very nice it is too jobe
  12. Hi all managed to get out for a short while last night. lincoln, breezy with a damn near full moon up. was out early so after aligning i swept straight round to venus. it was bright but didn't notice anything other than a full disc. it was emitting colours red through to violet (from top to bottom). not sure if this is the norm or not. it was the same in both the 5 and 10mm. saturn. had another look at this but the view was getting buffeted around with the wind. titan clearly visible but dionne was only with averted vision. i couldn't make out anything the other side of the planet. cor coroli. decided to try to split this which i managed with the 32mm right down to the 5mm. the second star was about half the brightness of the main one. i didn't notice any different colours between them. moon. i had a look at this without any filters which wasn't easy. it was nearly full so had a look around the terminator which showed up some nice detail in the 10mm. i have now ordered a polarising nd filter from flo. i think the idea is you can change the level of 'filtering' which i like the idea of. thanks for reading. jobe
  13. hi mick i have the same ota on a Heq5 pro and yes they are a beast. if you're like me you'll love the scope. the views are amazing. i currently looking for a box to stand on for the high views. jobe
  14. i shall wait for this one with baited breath. if you want some tube rings as a project i may 'lend' you mine:D
  15. i have win 7 64 bit running xfire ati cards and it don't work for me. jobe
  16. Hi all. some of you may recall i was having trouble with my new kit. well it's finally sorted thanks to FLO. so what happened. the handset appears to have been broken so Steve sent a new one as well as an extension bar for the weights. finally managed to get out tonight and all i can say is WOW. worked like a charm first time, finding all but 1 of my nights targets bang on. the other was at the edge of my fov. due to the moon being up that was my first target. i don't have any filters yet so it was hurting my eyes a little but the detail was amazing. only went to 10mm (120*) but i felt i could reach out and make an imprint in the powder. M42 and the trap was next. there was a noticable shimmer so i guess the seeing wasn't too good. at 240* i struggled to make out e and f. saturn. this was next. i'd been waiting so see it for a few weeks and was planning on leaving it till last but couldn't wait. with the 10mm i could easily make out the rings. two moons were visible, titan and rhea (thanks stellarium) the 5mm didn't show anymore detail, it being a pale yellow planet. a beautiful pale yellow planet. i'd seen it years ago but this was with my equipment. Mizar. split this before but it's an easy target so went for it again. guess you always love your first and this is no exception. i then went on a massive Messier hunt. 56, 57, 38 then a quick stop off at Castor to split it. i think i prefer splitting doubles and the like. next up was M35, 41, 50, 46, 47, 93, 44, 67, 81 and 82. out of them all, m44 (preasepe) had the wow factor. it just shone there like a beautiful angel. i now know i need to spend more cash on some filters, especially a moon one. thanks for reading and hopefully there will be a lot more to come. jobe
  17. can't you fit a diagnal onto the newt? in theory seems like an easy fix. jobe
  18. i got 1 of these a few weeks ago. my advise is to set it up in your house a couple of times. learn how to adjust the polar scope for dec and az and your just about there. have you found out how to find your lattitude and longitude? JOBE
  19. getting new stuff takes you back to being a kid, or it does with me. the last two big items i've bought recently have arrived broken so law of averages say you're stuff will arrive mint, shiny and will be whispering 'touch me' to you jobe
  20. Hi i was advised to get 'turn left at orion'. its a great book and thoroughly deserves its recommendations. the ep's with the dob will be ok only. if you can stretch to it a 32mm 2" would be a great addition. it's what i got. the Skywatcher panaview at £75ish quid is the kiddie without breaking the bank. jobe ps Don't forget when you get your stuff and open the box make sure you catch the box clouds
  21. guess this is an odd one for sure. i went out tonight and star aligning seemed to go a lot better. only had 1 'can't connect to m.c.' maybe the system just needs to be used a little although trying to align to betelgeuse would point way off, like 80deg or thereabouts below the horizon. the only main problem tonight was the handset would 'turn off'. i'd be busy looking and when i tried to use the handset all the lights would be off. no amount of key pressing would turn it back on. could the handset be broken in some way? jobe
  22. ah. didn't know that. sorry for the duff info. i just thought that by moving it with the direction keys the 'brains' would adjust better. jobe
  23. does your handset freeze at all? what about when turning it on? does it always connect with 1 beep? jobe
  24. i'm having similar problems to you. i suspect there's something i'm doing wrong but the more i triple check the settings keyed into the handset the more i have no idea. jobe ps you shouldn't need to open the clutches to move the scope, just use the slew keys. don't forget to adjust the rate at which it slews with the number 2 key.
  25. Hi BITC yes i am make sure the day/date goes the correct way. i always remember to do it 'wrong'. i have a sheet of paper with me that has a few notes with all the details on. again with the lat/long i imput it as 000 40w 53 09n. i live south west of lincoln so am west of GMT as for the time zone i input +00:00 and daylight saving as 'no' the hand controller has v 3.2 on it. i haven't updated that yet as i don't have a usb adapter for it. jobe
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