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  1. I have an amaturish tip if yer like: if it twinkles it be a star, if not then a planet! (Mostly!!)
  2. Here'a hoping and, Hello from Cloudy Norfolk!!
  3. PS My avatar picture was taken with my ETX! Kinda pleased at my astrophotogrophy attempt there!
  4. Cheers for the reviews. I must say that I do like it and,as my first scope it is meeting my skill level... so far!!
  5. Hi y'all! Is there a Meade telescope thread as I am interested in feedback on the above? Apologies for wrong placement of this thread....
  6. Hello Steve, Have I become the master of 'stating the bleedin' obvious'?
  7. Do light pollution filters work? Never used one!! The street lights near me are those lovely big orange ones!!!
  8. Thanks for all the 'welcomes'! ) Dare I mention the joy of cloud cover???
  9. Evening folks. Just signed in the other day so now time to say 'hi'! The site looks great for advice etc. which I will be drinking off! Had a small scope for a year now but have developed a real dislike for street lights and of course, the lovely British climate! Peace y'all!
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