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  1. I started a topic on OnStep groups but I forgot to share the link: https://groups.io/g/onstep/topic/does_onstep_work_with_any/24238776?p=Created,,,20,1,0,0 Thanks for helping me out everybody.Since I will begin work on OnStep in December,there is still a lot of time,so if I have any doubts I will ask them here. If anybody has any suggestions or any other GoTo upgrade, please inform me. Again thanks everybody for helping me out!
  2. So does that mean guiding is a must?
  3. Even if the mount is aligned with the drift alignment method,will the object drift?
  4. I have not yet been able to unscrew the existing motors on my mounts,because the screws are way too tight.Maybe my mount also has motor brackets but they are very tight so a bit difficult to remove. Anyway,I guess I am going to choose OnStep,since there is no guarantee that the SkyWatcher or Bresser upgrades would work on my mount. I would still search the internet for more options,but I will begin work on OnStep(if there is no other option) in December. Plus,I can also use apps like Stellarium and SkySafari 5 Pro to control my telescope with OnStep. One more general question which I have is: If an EQ Goto mount is not properly polar aligned,then does the object after sometime drift out of the field of view(when tracking is on)?
  5. Marked in blue are the screws which I think you have used to mount the DEC and RA motors. Correct me if I am wrong
  6. Can you send me dimensions of the motors? So I can just cross-check with my mount?
  7. Thanks for the guide. However, my mount is totally different from what is shown in your pictures
  8. I mean what kind of modification?Do I have to drill a hole? Do you have some pictures of the motors that come with the SkyWatcher upgrade kit?
  9. So can I conclude that the SkyWatcher upgrade kit won't work on my mount? And can you explain what did you mean by modifying the mount or the motors?
  10. How are the motors on other EQ5 mounts attached?
  11. So can anybody help me out with that? Can you or anybody else who has used a SkyWatcher or Bresser upgrade kit please tell me whether the motor mounting is same or is it different on my mount?
  12. Can anybody let me know whether the SkyWatcher upgrade kit will work on my EQ 5 mount?
  13. The RA motor is attached to my mount with 4 screws: Here is the DEC motor(in case it helps):
  14. This is how my RA motor is attached

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