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  1. Thanks everyone for the advice! I will definitely check out that book. Did not know the flip mirror diagonals existed that's great! I'm not surprised to hear these aren't great for deep space viewing, knowing that all those amazing deep space shots were probably taken by Hubble outside the atmosphere I figured I shouldn't expect much unless I'm willing to pay $2000+. From my experience with rifle scopes, price goes up exponentially with quality and capability. My motivation for getting a telescope was my parents got me one when I was very young. I remember it being an amazing experience a
  2. Newb here. I have settled on my first telescope being the 4SE or 6SE and I have a Sony Alpha 300 DSLR I would like to be able to connect to play around with AP. I am barely starting to grasp the terminology involved with telescopes in general but it seems connecting a camera to a telescope is a whole different ball game. It seems as though the 4SE has a separate eyepiece and camera attachment? Looks like you can just flip a knob to swap between the viewer and camera? Whereas the 6SE it appears that you have to remove the whole eyepiece to connect the camera. After reading some reviews eve
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