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  1. Interested in "william optics spl 12.5mm with caps" let me know your price.
  2. if anyone have some for sell... up to 30mm this would be my first one 2"
  3. You R right, it's not cheap .... It's about 450£ I have to think twice before I will buy this mount, I have read similar subject on Claudy nights forum and they are saying this DOB GOTO is not best for AP due too length of my scope... In another words - wrong idea if someone have plans to do AP.
  4. https://www.teleskopy.pl/Upgrade-Kit-GoTo-do-Dobson-8--Sky-Watcher-teleskopy-2091.html That is what I found, also sw website have the same DOB upgrade kit.
  5. So, assuming all + and - synscan DOB upgrade kit is a best way for my scope. It would be very nice if someone who owns that kind of DOB with GOTO would post few words and images thx
  6. Do u have any images of your setup? This would help me
  7. I'm very new to astronomy as I have started about 2 months ago, slowly building my equipment. My current setup : skywatcher 200p skyliner flexy-tube on diy dobsonian (lazy Susan) 360° AZ circle + digital level guage. Because I live in town with LP it's hard for me to find deep sky objects.. but up to now I have found only m51,31 for last 4-5 sessions. I would like to make my life a little bit easier.. So, I was trying to look after some equatorial mount on few forums, and now I know it wouldn't be easy as this stuff is not popular at all. My first choice : upgrade kit for my scope to synscan 8" DOB base with GOTO, I can get it for about 450£ from Poland... Second choice: keep looking locally for HEQ5 mount with or without GOTO second hand as New one is too much for my pocket. My biggest worry is this HEQ5 will handle my 12kg scope + Nikon d7000 in future? How about center of gravity/ balance scope ( I have extension pipes on my scope so i'm limited, clamps and dovetail bar) if I won't be able to put clamps in right place I will need to add some weight to balance scope.... And agine weight problems... And second question, if I will go for synscan DOB 8" upgrade kit how this would handle astrophotography? This setup has a pluses as GOTo will helps in LP sky. This setup is designed for my scope balance wouldn't be a problem I think I have searched whole internet for setup HEQ5 and can't find any images to look for similar setup SW 200/1200 flex on HEQ5, That would help to make choice.
  8. Hi guys, Just read about Skyeye on internet that it works as "push-to" system... Does anyone is using this software, please explain to me how to align to first star? I have phone bike mount so I can stick there my old samsung galaxy tab 3 and attached this setup to my OTA. Will this work and how? I want to be ready for this weekend as weather is beautiful :)) Thx
  9. Did u sold yours heq5 here or eBay? I think I need to sell some of my photography studios eq or to get some funds for new hobby.
  10. I think no more than 200£ , that's why I'm going to look after non brand second hand.... I can't spend more as She will kill me.... I have lots of hobby's as I'm deep Suuba Diver, photographer & studio equipment, plus just finished my gym in garage 500kg (God know how I could collect that much).... and now I'm spending earnings on telescope ;)) Please help. Help ;))
  11. Currently I have SW 200p OTA skyline / two rings around OTA/ and long bar attached to rings... All together is about 11,2 so I would say 12kg
  12. Hi Guys, As subject, is there any cheap alternative to EQ5 ? Today I have found TAL-1 on carboot sale... and some guys from our forum mention TAL-2M ( it should take up to 20kg ) For today I'm not into astrophotography but who knows, I'm looking for cheap alternative possible second hand, just don't know what I should looking for.. Thx
  13. Thank you guys, shame that nice mount is not for me.. if anyone would be interested ... I still have "his" number and guy is from Peterborough "area"
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