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  1. Thanks for the confirmation. The sound really didn't seem right, but I've never heard a motorised mount before so had no reference. I took the side panel off, and out dropped one of the hex headed machine screws... So this screw had been bouncing around with the gears, hence the horrid noise. There appears to be no damage and it moves with a nice whirring sound at all speeds. I found an empty hole on one of the motors, and screwed it in there. Not what I expected to be doing with such an expensive purchase! Adam
  2. I have a brand new HEQ5 with a 200P on it, and I'm getting a very alarming noise. When slewing at high speed 6+ on handset I'm getting extremely loud clattering from the gears. It sounds almost as if they're jumping, and the scope does not move smoothly. I placed my hand on the side of the mount whilst it was happening, and could feel what I thought were the gears bouncing against the side... It's not the whirring sound, or the little rattle that happens on deceleration. Is this normal? I adjusted the balance of the scope and reduced it for some movements, could i be that I haven't perfectly balanced the scope?
  3. Thanks, and I've now got suitable cables for powering the mount. So as long as it stays clear i'll be trying to set it up correctly tonight. Polar align, align on the hand set, then see if it can point me to anything.
  4. It was a lovely clear night, nice and warm, too many insects. Most excitingly I was able to use it on the day it arrived. Spent some time inside first putting it all together, and trying to stop my 10 month old from climbing up the tripod. Brief moment of panic when I couldn't find the counterweight rod, thought it must have dropped out of the packaging and was about to phone the supplier, when I discovered it was internal and only needed retracting. Then outside. In skies that were far too light I started with vega, sorted the focus. Then a quick look at Epsilon Lyrae, I didn't really increase the mag enough to split the close pairs, but I could see hints of the "doubleness". Quickly moved over to the Ring Nebula, and found it very easily at 38x with the 26mm 2inch, and that was probably the nicest view of it. Could only see the ring shape with averted vision. I then wandered around Cygnus looking at the nice star fields. I couldn't quite tell which grouping of stars was M29. I then went to find M13 in Hercules, and had a very nice view of that. Many points of light, and general "sparklyness" with averted vision. I then spotted that I could just see Cassiopeia and Andromeda through a gap between the house and trees. I managed to see the Andromeda Galaxy for the first time, something I'd never quite managed to do in the Winter with my Gallileoscope . It was large and obvious, I could see a density towards the middle of the fuzzy oval cloud. I was very pleased with this as it was quite low, and the sky was quite light. Showed my wife Albireo and M13, both of which I think she liked! (This was me attempting to justify the cost, and the sudden lack of space we now had in the house due to boxes...) Hopefully today the necessary cable will arrive so I can power up the scope, instead of swinging it around manually. Adam
  5. I know. I hope I justify the purchase with sufficient use, and hope I can get it out of the door.
  6. My new scope arrived an hour ago, and I want to be home now! 200P DS on a HEQ5 pro, I'm really looking forward to using it compared to the Meade 114mm reflector on a sloppy EQ1 that I had on loan. Adam
  7. Seems clear here in London, but that's because my new scope arrives tomorrow.
  8. Hi Digz, Did you ever get the weather and time to test this? I'm itching to buy a 200P DS and would hate to not be able to focus my DSLR! How are you attaching the camera to the focusser? Adam
  9. Thanks for the advice Ken. It looks like I'm going to be learning how to drift align. hopefully it doesn't take 30 years to master!
  10. adamh

    Iss help

    I was also amazed by the brightness, I actually saw diffraction spikes.
  11. adamh

    Iss help

    It's just gone over London now. I only popped out to see how cloudy it was, and noticed the v bright satellite that got brighter as it passed.
  12. Thanks Astro Baby, I see you inhabit all of the forums. It does sound like a basic alignment is going to be a bit tougher than it is up here.
  13. Thanks for the link. Are you trying to tell me that Southern Hemisphere polar scopes don't exist? Or don't work?
  14. Hi All, Am looking at purchasing a HEQ5 Pro, which I understand comes with a Polarscope. I will however soon be moving from London to Australia, and I wondered if the same polarscope would work all the way down there? ie, does it have both sets of alignment markings? Or I am going to have to buy a new polarscope when I get there? Thanks, Adam
  15. I thought the whole point of the DS range of scopes was that they had "better" focusing for imaging? I'm a bit worried now, as I've been looking at a 200P DS to use for imaging (and visual) with a DSLR. How will I know if it can focus? Adam
  16. Saw Venus and the moon whilst walking from the bus, and hurried along home to get the photo before the moon disappeared into the haze. I just made it. I suspected Mercury (just above the tree) would be in there, but couldn't see it naked eye. From north london. With Canon 50d, 0.5 second, f6.3, fl 133.
  17. Luke, If it wasn't that I had found a stellarium config file that contained a version=10.2 when I was actually on 10.3 or .4. I think that's why I deleted it. Have a looking users/roaming/ for a config too. Adam
  18. I had many problems getting .3 and .4 to work, until i discovered that a config file had been left in an old location by one of those upgrades. I uninstalled, found and deleted the config file and reinstalled. Everything was fine. I can't quite remember where the file was, but it think it was: C:\Users\Adam\AppData\Local\stellarium (windows 7 and probably vista)
  19. I'm not sure about John the OP, but this is my problem. I'm trying to find a scope & mount that can do almost everything without breaking the bank, and without sending me down a dead end. This really feels like the right scope, but I'm not sure I can afford the mount that it seems to need (if trying imaging). Which then makes me think I should get a lighter scope. Adam
  20. I'm also interested in the 200P EQ5 combo. SpookyKatt/Kathleen do you find it stable? It seems that lots of people online won't consider any mount other than a HEQ5 or EQ6, neither of which I can afford. Adam
  21. Malp, I've had a look at your images, and they're great, it certainly gives me confidence to know images like that can be made in less than idea conditions. A
  22. Thanks for the comments guys. I'll investigate the filters. Unfortunately I am using EF-S lenses, so the EOS clip in type doesn't seem to work. I do however plan to actually buy a telescope so I guess I can use those then. Does anyone have any before and after examples of using light pollution filters? Adam
  23. Hi, This is my second posting of an image here, and i'm much happier with this one compared to the previous. This is Auriga again with a standard Canon 50d DSLR, and a Sigma 18-50 2.8EX. On this one I kept the aperture wider (3.2?) than the last one. I think this is ~40 exposures at 8seconds each on a standard camera tripod. I'm quite pleased to see way more detail than was possible even with 10x50 bins. For example M35,36,37,38 are all clear (in my mind) in this one, but were completely invisible from my edge of london location. ( I know the shot needs cropping as the edges aren't good - but then I'd lose M35) Adam
  24. Hi, This is the first photo I've uploaded here. This is the end result of 30 stacked 10s shots on a Canon 50d with Sigma 18-50 2.8EX, somewhere near the 18 end of the range. This is completely untracked from a standard tripod. I'm not sure of the best way to process the final image, as I find it difficult to decide on an appropriate colour for the black sky. If I make it too dark you can only see a handful of stars, too light and you see plenty of detail but in a sea of haze. Any ideas? Adam
  25. I have several issues: 1. Jerking whilst panning or accelerating time. 2. NO stars at all (I do have labels for them) 3. NO nebula (do have labels) 4. Mad flickering in full screen (not in window mode). I did have this in 10.2 though. Win 7 64bit, ATI 4890, latest drivers (10.1 ). Normally ste With 10.2 I did have to run with "Compatibility > Disable Desktop Composition" ticked. Adam
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