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  1. I saw the white spot too, although I didn't notice the darkening. I was pretty pleased as it was my first view of Jupiter through a decent telescope. Adam
  2. Visually it was harder to use. M57 which I can normally see directly I could only see with averted vision when the filter was in. It could have been that my eyes weren't fully adjusted, so I will check again. The coma/poor collimation lines coming out of off centre stars were red.
  3. I've just received this filter, it's the first and only filter that I own so have little for comparison. So I've got 2 crops of M27 from different nights, but everything else was the same. Same location (North London), same exposure 60s, and same ISO 1000. No processing other than crops from the jpg copy. I think you'll be able to spot the difference.
  4. Thanks Kris. John, no I'm not guiding at the moment as I'm really just starting out on all this. If I carefully align I seem to be able to get 60 seconds easily, although 1 in 6 will be wonky, I guess this means I need to PEC train. I think I might be able to increase the exposure a little bit from here, but light pollution is already a big issue at moment (London...). I do have a UHC filter on order which is magically going to fix all of this
  5. Thanks Harry, I'll try and get through them all before my trial period expires! I've experimented with quite a few different tools to try and process my (basic) astrophotos and PixInsight seems to be far and away the best. It certainly has the most coherent user interface. I don't quite understand why everyone isn't using it, unless it's because it is processing only and not capture too. Adam
  6. Thanks for the link they look like useful tutorials. The video tutorials and the worked examples on the PixInsight site are quite good too. (Once you get over the robot voice).
  7. Hi, This one is a dozen or so 60s subs on a canon 50d. They were fairly low so light pollution was significant. I've stacked in DSS, and processed in PixInsight (trial, which I'm loving btw). I think I may have overdone the noise removal and taken some detail out of the wispy arms of M81. I think should have another go. Thanks for looking, Adam M81 & M82 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  8. Thanks Shibby, I'm in North London so light pollution is a significant problem for me. I've just ordered a Castell UHC filter to try and combat the problem, and am hoping I'll be able to get 1 minute with this. (Won't risk longer as unguided). I should try the re-stack it won't take long.
  9. Shibby, I'm assuming that you're imaging like me. DSLR, t-ring, the 2" part of the adapter that came with the scope all hooked into the dual speed focuser. Now I've not used a MPCC but I think it screws onto the front for the 2" adapter (like a filter) and goes well inside the focus tube, it shouldn't affect the positioning of the camera. So if you could focus before you should be able to afterwards - unless the MPCC affects the focus! Adam
  10. adamh


    There's a nice amount of red in this one. Adam
  11. Hi, This is what I'm going to call my first decent DSO image. It's approx 18 x 30 seconds on my 200P DS, with a Canon 50D. Half of the exposures were through cloud, and I should probably re-stack it without those. Processed with DSS and the PixInsight trial. I know it suffers from coma, and could do with more red, but I'm really happy with it. Adam Also here: M27 Dumbbell Nebula | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  12. Having said all of this, it turns out that the main problem is tiredness. In my excitement I'd done the processing at 2 in the morning, after getting the exposures. When I opened up the tif this evening it had plenty of colour! Here is a crop
  13. In the RAW settings, Auto White Balance is ticked, Bilinear Interpolation is ticked, Set black point 0 ticked.
  14. Thanks, I had previously adjusted the saturation but never that high. I'll have another go this evening. I also experimented with Maxim DL and had similar issues, with probably similar causes. Is anyone aware of any tutorials for Maxim, other than theirs? Adam
  15. I've processed a few stacks using DSS taken with a Canon 50D DSLR. Many of the subs show colour, but once stacked I seem to be left with B&W images? I'm processing RAW images. I can't tell if it's my post-processing (also DSS for now), or something I'm neglecting to do in DSS. Thanks, Adam
  16. I've looked at these descriptions of coma and astigmatism . It seems that the key difference visually is coma is a one sided aberration a bit like a comma, or a short fat exclamation mark; and astigmatism is like a bar on either side of the star and crucially the bar flips from horizontal to vertical on either side of focus. Next time the clouds go away I'll be checking! I suspect my last outing wasn't helped by less than ideal collimation either, I further suspect that it'll probably be both issues. Adam
  17. Apparently half decent isn't decent enough.
  18. Hi Rob, I recently asked the same question, and was told the solution was more expensive eyepieces. Apparently it's not coma that we're seeing. http://stargazerslounge.com/equipment-help/109341-will-coma-corrector-fix.html Are you seeing it with all eyepieces or just the 2inch 28mm that came with the 200P DS? Adam
  19. Thanks for all the advice, I couldn't tell if the fuzzies were seagull shaped, I just recall them being fuzzy. I think I still need to perfect my collimating skills too. I certainly don't have the budget to buy those sort of eyepieces.
  20. The disassembled 1.25" eyepiece adapter is what I use on my 200P DS, and I can focus with some room to spare.
  21. Hi, I have a new 200P DS, and I'm finding that I cannot get the whole view into focus at once. This is particularly true with the 28mm 2 inch eyepiece that is supplied, but is also partially true of the 2 Paradigm (18mm & 12mm) eyepieces that I have. With the 2 inch eyepiece the outer 20-30% is out of focus when the central portion is in focus. So is this a problem with the scope or the eyepiece? Would a coma corrector fix this? This is very frustrating when trying to find a fuzzy, as every star that moves into view starts off looking like a fuzzy! I've not really had a chance to take may pictures with it yet, so have not discovered how much of an issue coma will be for that. Thanks, Adam
  22. If it looks like this, then you're not in focus. If you've tried focussing all the way in and out, then you may need a barlow or some other means to get focus.
  23. How is it for cutting out light pollution? I'm trying to take astrophotos from north london, and the sky glow really shortens exposures (along with my poor leveling and polar aligning).
  24. I thought just taking the side panel off to have a look should be fairly safe, and would leave my warranty intact. I wasn't expecting a screw to drop on the floor! I'd say you'd be fine just taking it off to check. mine didn't seem to be tracking well, so it was affecting the performance. hopefully tonight will be clear enough for a quick test.
  25. Yes I tried them all, and none of them had any movement in. I have no idea if this one worked itself loose, or was just never actually screwed in. I really wasn't looking forward to having to return the mount after only 2 days! Thanks
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