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  1. 20cm aperture at F4 should make the tube 80cm long.
  2. Yes it's been amazingly clear in London the last few nights, unfortunately it's been horribly windy! Tonight is the first night I've dared get the scope out.
  3. There are a few satellites that travel in pairs, or threes. It could have been a pair of those.
  4. I'm not sure what the problem is, but I know that you don't have to run it in XP emulation mode.
  5. And mine. 5 minutes in Pixinsight from a complete pixinsight novice. Adam
  6. I'll grab the Celestron Unified driver from here: Telescope/Mount Drivers And report back!
  7. Do I have to install something else to support that? I've installed the ASCOM platform, but my mount isn't listed. I'm guessing I need to install some mount specific ASCOM driver, but don't know where from.
  8. Hello All, I'd like to experiment (this isn't going to be a long term setup just a test) with guiding with my HEQ5 Pro. I've got a webcam, and think I can easily convert my finder for temporary use as a guidescope. I've got a usb-serial connection going to the handset, and stellarium can successfully talk to the mount and control it. So with all of this can I guide? PHD seems to want to talk ASCOM or GPUSB, I don't have a GPUSB and I can't work out if there's a way of talking ASCOM to the mount without EQMOD (which involves spending money...) Any ideas, am I missing something? Thanks, Adam
  9. PS = Photoshop PI = PixInsight CS = one of the versions of Photoshop, they're up to CS5 now. I don't know if CS actually means anything.
  10. In PI: Open a raw image then Image > Extract > Split RGB Channels You can use the same menu to extract a luminance channel. You might need to debayer it first, or you get lots of squares when you zoom in!
  11. I had a similar issue that again turned out to be the cable. Once I'd got a new one the problems disappeared. Adam
  12. It seems clean enough, but I will have a go if I find something suitable. Strangely the cable seems to work perfectly in one orientation, but rotate it 180 and it stops working reliably. I still can't tell if it's the cable or the mount, and unfortunately the cable the mount came with doesn't work at all (seems to be a continuity problem).
  13. I'm not using a battery, I'm running it from a mains power supply.
  14. Hi, I took my HEQ5 out in the cold last week, and I had great difficulty getting it to run as the power light would flick on and off. I'm using the maplin XM21X power supply, and an Astronomiser cable. I had no problem with it over the summer, but it was never as cold overnight as it is at the moment! I got it partially working by using some playdoh to hold the cable in, but I still got drop outs. (Typically just after I'd finished aligning and was slewing to Jupiter! Meant manually guiding to see anything, and a very short session due to grumpiness) So any ideas on the problem, and suggestions for solutions? Thanks, Adam
  15. Chris, I'm guessing Windows 7 here (or possibly vista). In windows explorer right click the ini file, and choose properties. Go to the security tab, and click on "Users (YourMachineName\Users)" in the list of names. In the bottom box it probably has ticks next to "Read & Execute" and "Read" only. Click Edit. Then select users from the list again, and now tick the "Modify" box at the bottom. Click OK x2. Adam
  16. I ventured out into my front garden to show jupiter to my dad, it was early so it was some way from rising high enough to observe from the back garden. Only a few people passed by, and one family stopped as passing to ask what I could see. I let them all have a look at the moon and at Jupiter. They seemed quite amazed with what they could see. I don't think I'll be repeating it as the street lights are far too bright.
  17. I may end up following this route. I did like the look of the one on Scopes n Skies as it has a glow-in-the-dark corner which seems like a great idea.
  18. Although unfortunately not in stock, I've had an order in for one for a month and still waiting! Hopefully soon...
  19. Excellent, what sort of exposure time are we looking at? And how far out of the cities were you?
  20. Nadeem, I am enjoying the 200PDS, although I have little basis for comparison as it's the first scope I've owned or used extensively. My main issues currently are not scope related: levelling and aligning quickly and correctly, working from a deck, London light pollution, and remembering to actually LOOK though the telescope before sticking a camera on it... Steve, Yours is a great image, and you seem to have got plenty of detail without perhaps doing all the manipulation I had to. Adam
  21. Yes, if you follow the link on the image through to flickr, you can then choose "Actions> View All Sizes". There should be a bigger one there.
  22. Hi Martyn, It's with my Canon 50D on my Skywatcher 200P-DS. This is the best 14 of those 20 images stacked in avistack. I have also tried Lunar photos with my Sigma 70-300 lens, but it's difficult to mount and even harder to focus accurately. I had printed out a Bahtinov mask for the 70-300 but it only has a small aperture, I do want to get one for my telescope though. Adam
  23. Hi, Finally after months of owning my 200PDS the ecliptic lifted the moon high enough to get over the trees to my south. Thus this is my first lunar image. I took 20 or so images with my DSLR, which on their own were quite good, although focusing is tough. This has been processed through avistack, and some (possibly too much) deconvolution applied from pixinsight. Avistack is not fast with large images! Adam Moon by adamh, on Flickr
  24. Hi, The 2 inch eyepiece will only focus with the supplied 2 inch extension tube, this should be in the box somewhere. My 1.25 in eyepieces focus well without the extension tube, and only the 2 to 1.25 reducer. However my 6mm will not focus with the 2to1.25 reducer that came with the scope, but I can't recall if inward travel was the issue with this one. Hope this helps, Adam
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