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  1. Looks good to me, how are you processing, any sharpening?
  2. Nice image, I'd suggest you try it with a 2x Barlow/ focal extender and also with your lx200 and see what you get.. also if you're not already doing so get the exposure as short as you can and use region of interest to get the frame rate up before thinking about a better camera Dave
  3. Lovely images... thought for a minute that the dust storm had cleared. Alas no
  4. Hi John Only had it a few days but it seems very good on what I've done so far, I also have a William Optics GTF81 and a 10" Meade LX 20O so it sits in between in term of aperture and focal length. It's main use will be deep sky imaging. It's horses for courses I think, it's clearly far superior at deep sky than the 10" but it's resolution I suspect is not as good if imaging planets, although through an eyepiece the planets are simply stunning with excellent contrast, it's field of view is only half of the GTF81 so not as good for wide field. My objective wasn't really to replace anything rather to add to my toolkit. They'll all be on a Mesu200 before too long, although maybe the LX200 will have to wait for the planets to return next year for that privilege. No experience to know whether it's a worthwhile upgrade from what you already have. Dave
  5. My new Skywatcher Esprit 150ED arrived from FLO on Monday so I thought I'd give it a go on some planets (I've already posted an image of M27 with it on the deep sky section)… the results I think are rather pleasing... good seeing on both nights, particularly Tuesday. Mars and Saturn a bit problematic as I couldn't get the ADC to correct effectively on them, I suspect because the imaging train was drooping as well as the low altitude. Also because of the relatively small aperture exposures on Saturn were between 80 and 100ms, they were 5, 8 and 20 on Venus, Mars and Jupiter respectively. Effective focal length according to Firecapture 7000mm, which is 6.5x the Esprit focal length. This is because the ADC is between the powermate and the camera increasing its effective power. Equipment used Esprit 150ED, Televue 1.24" 5x powermate, ZWO ADC, ZWO ASI224mc. Processed in Autostakkert Registax and for Saturn alone also Winjupos . Dave Jupiter Animation_2018-06-26-2106-2216.mp4
  6. Hi Sara I have a pressure tuned Lunt 60mm as well, I use either my ZWO ASI120 or ASI1600MM with either 2x or 5x focal extender, I get Newtons Rings with the 120 and sometimes the 1600 but have bought a tilt adapter and this seems to work. I get full image of the sun with the 1600 and 2x, screwing the pressure tuner in and out fine tunes the wavelength passed through showing different features.. for the disc the exposure below was 3ms and low (24%)gain (whatever that means) … up the exposure and you'll see the prominences... Image below taken 21 June with above set up, false colour done in photoshop. You'll have to have the computer somewhere dark though.. but it does look great … Hope this helps.... Regards Dave
  7. Great image mwayne… I just ran it through Registax to give you and idea of what that does… hope you don't mind.. used auto RGB Balance (in the functions box on the right) and this came out... Great skies in Texas, Jupiter's a bit low from the UK for the next few years.. Dave
  8. Thanks Steve and everyone else... I used 10 darks and 20 sky flats but no bias or flat darks … R, G, B and Ha subs processed in Pixinsight using batch pre-processing script... then combined , automatic background neutralisation, photometric colour calibration, mlt noise reduction then histogram stretch.. and a bit of saturation boost in curves. Ha merged by following Harry's pixel math video tutorial... this is a crop of the 10 min Ha sub. Dave
  9. Took delivery of an ES Reid checked Skywatcher Esprit 150ED and flattener on Monday from FLO... after looking at and imaging the moon and a few planets on Monday and last night and despite the nearly full moon I thought I'd point it at M27 and see what happened... The results are pretty good I think for only 2x5 mins each of RGB plus a bit of a single 10min Ha. As always I'm very pleased with the service from Martin and rest of the FLO team and thanks to all the proponents of big refractors on this forum for helping me choose.. Equipment used Esprit 150ED, ASI1600mm plus ZWO filter wheel/filters, ZWO OAG and ASI120mm, Skywatcher AZEQ-6.. Thanks for looking Dave ..
  10. Jupiter and Saturn imaged 19th June 2018 from Swallowfield Berkshire. 10" LX200, 2x focal extender, ZWO ADC, IR cut filter and ASI224mc. Autostakkert, Registax and Winjupos.
  11. Thank you all for your warm welcomes... much appreciated Dave
  12. Thank you.. did a bit of reading and found out it was a file size issue
  13. Help… how do you make the image show in the post..
  14. Saturn imaged at 00:36 on 13 June 2018 from just south of Reading Berks UK. Meade LX200 classic, ES 2x focal extender, ZWO Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector, ZWO ASI224MC. Captured with Firecapture, processed with Autostakkert, Registax and Winjupos. Quite happy with this, lucky imaging indeed. Saturn_2018-06-13-0036.tif
  15. Hello from Swallowfield Hello everyone, well I’ve finally got around to joining up… been interested in Astronomy since I was a boy back in the sixties and used a scope my Dad made out of a Kodak Aero Ektar reconnaissance lens. More recently I got a 10” Meade LX50 for my 40th, a great scope but somewhat difficult to move about as I got older and over time it gathered plenty of dust. However, 18 Months ago we visited Kielder Observatory with some friends and met Gary Fildes and his team.. they were the inspiration I needed and a year ago my Pulsar observatory was installed currently housing the 10” SCT or a William Optics GTF81 or sometimes both on a Skywatcher AZEQ-6. A few photos of M31 later and I was completely hooked. Luckily, I am now retired so late nights aren’t that much of a problem… and this fantastic hobby gives me plenty to do. Looking forward to sharing knowledge and insights with you all and the arrival of a Mesu200 and a Skywatcher Esprit 150 for the new season. In the meantime, I’m learning how to image the planets. All the best Dave
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