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  1. A big thanks to everybody else that has welcomed us to SGL. Glowjet (and everybody else), I apologise in advance for the cloudy/bad weather that our new scopes purchase is about to unleash. Having just seen the forecast for Monday onwards, I'm VERY VERY VERY SORRY.
  2. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome. So what 2 combos did I select ? 8" Dob ? Nope, bit to bulky for us as a g'n'g. Pool money and get a better scope ? Tempting, but no, want a scope each. Yes glowjet I am a wheeled warrior, used to do field athletics (shot, discus and javalin) still have my throwing chair ( visualize large tall industrial bar stool ) so height should not be to much of a problem. Which leaves Sparrows ideas, correct (tick, VG). Wifes will be, SW Skymax 127 az goto. Mine will be, SW Heq5 Pro goto with the new Explorer 200P DS. Also bought the Revelation eye piece set. This will do both scopes for now and should give us an idea what EPs to get in the future. Light pollution filters for both, variouse gubbins to attach cameras and a laser collimator. The whole lot has been purchased from the very helpful people at FLO. Should be arriving Monday. Its gonna be a very very long weekend, still, 4 FA cup matches, Six nations Rugby and the start of the winter olympics should help the time pass by. Please feel free to comment on our selection, negative as well as positive views welcome (you can sometimes learn a lot from negs). G.
  3. Hello to everyone at SGL. We (me and my wife) are newbies to astronomy. Having both recieved some money ( £150 each ) at christmas we decided to add a bit more ( £100ish ) and get a scope each. So it was with this smallish sum in mind I hit the web to see what was what ( Pandoras box moment ). The choices at this entry level is amazing, refractors, newts, maks in various sizes, then theirs the choice of mounts, alt-az, eq, goto etc or even an 8" dob. Decisions,decisions. Needed to know more info, so searched forums and found SGL. Started reading up on whats best for what we wanted from a scope and mount. Well that was 6 weeks ago and a wish-list was born, the budget was about to take a right bashing. Firstly the wifes wishes; motorized mount ( this is a must due to arthritus, twiddling knobs on a cold night = pain). Take afocal photos/videos of whats viewed (Canon A1000 IS). Scope good on moon/planets some dso and maybe the sun with solar filter fitted. Must also be grab n goable for dark site trips. Now my wishes; I'm into photography ( Canon 300d and Eos3(film) 3 lenses covering 28mm to 460mm) so a mount suitable for dso and moon/planet astrophotography. Scope good for dso some moon/planets. Was going to try for grab n goable until the wife pointed out we would have a grab n go with hers and if I wanted to go for something larger for the home/garden and get something more grab n go at a later date, that would ok ( as long all the spare motorbike parts that are in the house are sold ) Lastly both scopes will be different types (seems silly to get the same) and will be keepers for a long time to come. Also I'm a wheelchair user so nothing to outrageous. Sorry this is a bit long for an hello. So what 2 scope/mount combos would you choose given the above info ? I'm sure I've sussed out what to get now, do our choices match ? Look forward to hearing your suggestions and will reveal our choices later. Great site, keep up the good work. P.S. Should have said we're Trikers so no car grab n go must be compactish, budget now about 3x above (gulp)
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