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  1. DCBassman


    Yup, lunar looking good even in daylight! Skies remaining clear, let's see what's out there!
  2. DCBassman


    Well, in true Murphy's Law fashion, since I acquired my scope, there's not been even the hint of viewing here in Tavistock. However, for the next few days, I'll be a little further out and higher up at Brentor, with massively less light pollution. Here's hoping!
  3. DCBassman

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome, from another new member!
  4. DCBassman

    What Can I Expect to See....?

    An excellent guide for noobs like me. Thanks.
  5. DCBassman


    Aperture fever, I like that! And understand it completely!
  6. DCBassman

    Hello from maryland

    Welcome Tim, from another newcomer.
  7. DCBassman

    Greetings from southern Germany

    Welcome, cracking image!
  8. DCBassman

    First post: hello from The Netherlands

    Hello from another newcomer!
  9. DCBassman

    laptop question

    What's the model number? It may be more capable than you think. Instead of buying new, an SSD and maxing out the RAM can transform even an ancient laptop into something very usable.
  10. *Takes deeeeeeep breath* Phew! Good lists. Endless nerdy knowledge. I like it!
  11. DCBassman


    Thanks all, for the welcome. I'm already looking at extra bits, even for the tiny scope I have! In music terms, if it gets bad, it's called G.A.S. or Gear Acquisition Syndrome. I have been there with electric basses, but am in remission. For now. However, bicycles...And now, telescopes! Why oh why did this pop up in the market today?
  12. DCBassman


    Ooooh, I dunno...I paid zilch for the bike, and it rained seemingly for months afterward!
  13. DCBassman


    Greetings all, Occasional stargazer from Tavistock, Devon. Very little in the way of kit, but enough to be poking around the sky in a small way. Steiner Navigator 7x50 binoculars. Greenkat 10x50 binoculars, vintage 1970 or so. Nauticalia 10x40 monocular, surprisingly good for £39 Celestron C70 MiniMak, grat value at £15 (inc tripod!) from the flea market! Hope to learn a few things! Edit: of course, now I want to point optics at the sky, there'll be no seeing for the for seeable future...sorry.

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