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  1. Thank you guys thats a lot of info, I think maybe pushing the budget up a little maybe an option, I will continue to go through the forum, I must say the response from this forum is amazing, I am on other forums mainly old classic car sites, and boy this feels different already. Thanks guys couldnt ask for a better welcome.
  2. ravstar13


    Thank you guys !! Pete I was born in Bedford, which part? I lived on Ampthill Road.
  3. ravstar13


    Hi Thank you for your reply, Buy budget is not huge for the moment, just got married you see, so £200 - 300 on the telescope and then every month or so I can look forward to upgrades etc. Apart from planets the star clusters, im not an overly scientific or bright in that side of things, just enough to see the beauty of the universe, but who knows it could end up making me more appreciative of the science or the way the universe moves and be able to know just by looking at the sky. Space is not great living in London, but something that I can be able to see space in a more constructive way. I keep looking at the celestron? is this something that can work for me as a beginner, because i feel once i get a taste of it I will be able to answer better of what I would like to see.
  4. Hi Guys, I am sure you may have these questions all the time, but been looking at the Orion StarBlast II 4.5 Equatorial and some of the celestron telescopes, is the the right way to go?I deally i want to spend under the £200 mark, but I can always but the add ons after, and what are the must for the addons ie lenses, software cameras etc, if there was a shopping list in this bit what would it be. Thank you in advance.
  5. ravstar13


    Hello There, I am Rav from east London, but originally born in Bedford, where as a kid was always fascinated with being a space man!! well that IS what my mum used to say i used to say. I would always look at the sky and the mind used to boggle and sometimes opened up a mindset that regardless of whether there is life out there or not, we got to respect and love where we are here. Moving to East London unfortuantly took that away for one reason and another, as I got dissolved in the hecticness of London town as opposed to the sleepiness of Bedfordshire. Recently my eyes have started looking to the sky a bit more than I used to, and boy i got emotional, it was like i had seen a long lost friend after years. I want to be able to have a passion towards it with the mind I have now and, something prompted me to come here for some reason. I want to to buy a setup to be able to see the planets, which would really feed the mind of the 10 year old version of me. I like reading so I would love to get the recommendation of books, magazine website etc from a really beginner mode but not too complicated for my little mind haha. It would be nice to be part of something, and this place seems like the best place for the 10 year old in me to take that step, also where would I look too to get equipment and specialist shops ? Sorry for all the simpleton questions, i still am the 10 year old but in a 37 year old body now!
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