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  1. 4-star


    thanks for the advice
  2. 4-star


    not really i just got the scope two weeks ago it had just a 4mm and 20mm + the Barlow lens if the phone is in place and your looking at the screen, can you adjust the ghost image offf .. by adjusting until the ghost image is gone.
  3. 4-star


    i have a LG Stylo"3 phone. it connects to A ( Smartphone Digiscoping Adapter ) my lens is a 4mm connected to a 3x Barlow Lens..
  4. 4-star


    it was second hand >used. i was on my front porch with the scope set up the porch light was on . but i learned that in time the mirror might need adjusting
  5. useing my powerseeker 127 EQ with a smartphone Digiscoping Adapter. > I am really confused about the ghost image. could it be that my scope needs to be reset on the mirror ?
  6. 4-star

    learning to use my powerseeker 127 EQ

    there were too many bugs here in tennessee to really focus on any thing . that's not going to stop me.. ( just starting )
  7. 4-star

    learning to use my powerseeker 127 EQ

    Thanks i will try next time
  8. its going to take awhile because the bugs are bad over here. (learning to use my powerseeker 127EQ ) we are looking at the Moon >as you can see i am amature i might need to use a different lens next time****
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    THANKS DOUG.. IT's time we EXIT our planet and explore others
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  11. 4-star


    i love my new scope, i wan't to thank YOUTUBE for helping me with this project if it was not for them i would be lost..my scope works very good .. ( i started out with the 20mm lens ) focusing on objects in my front yard. this is a great way to start, Now i am on my way to the Galaxy ! THANK YOU > CELESTRON

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