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  1. Greetings all and thanks for your replies. Well the motor is kind of stuttering but without any load *maybe* it will reach the normal rpm's. The hand controller powers the motor and has 3 speeds, solar, lunar and stellar as well as 2 slew possibilities. The video shows it trying to slew. I can put it on the stellar setting and try to measure the RPM's over 10 minutes as Steve suggests. I will try that. I don't know if the stuttering will affect it but maybe I'll be able to get the RPM's for stellar rate. Would that be enough of a specification? I don't know much about stepper motors bu
  2. Repairing a Tal MT3A Mount STEPPER MOTOR Help... Before anyone says "why bother" let me just answer because I'm not ready to pick up a Losmandy at the moment... So I have a Tal 200K which I have enjoyed quite a lot. I have always known that the single motor MT3A mount was less than ideal but it works and if nothing else, an 8" Russian made Kletsov catadioptric scope on a super solid peer mount is a pretty good conversation starter, and some of the views I've seen of Jupiter, especially with a 16mm Nagler - well they were amazing... So a few months ago the mount stopped track
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