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  1. Hi Few bits for sale, all in great condition. 1) Astronomik LRGB Type 2c 1.25 filters - £150 SOLD 2) ZWO ASI178MM Cool - £300 SOLD 3) Explore Scientific 82° 4.7mm - £75 SOLD Payment via Paypal, or bank transfer. Cheers Andy delivered
  2. Hi Only 4 items left for sale. Payment via Paypal, or bank transfer. 1) Astronomik LRGB Type 2c 1.25 filters - £175 delivered 2) ZWO ASI178MM Cool - £350 delivered 3) Explore Scientific 82° 4.7mm - £80 delivered 4) Celestron T ring adaptor Nikon - £10 delivered SkyWatcher 80ED scope - SOLD Explore Scientific 82° 30mm - SOLD Explore Scientific 82° 14mm - SOLD Explore Scientific 82° 8.8mm - SOLD Explore Scientific 82° 6.7mm - SOLD Rigel collimation cap - SOLD HEQ5 pro mount with rowan upgrade - SOLD 80ED flat
  3. Excellent condition £750 for all (collection in Bristol). Will post tracked for £15 extra. I have the eyepiece boxes but bulky to post.
  4. Hi guys Sadly some tragic family news has prevented me attending today as well. Please feel free to use my pitch (Buzzard 51). Until next year then. Andy
  5. Unfortunately I am unable to make today, really hoping to get there for tomorrow though.
  6. FLO - cash only sales or will you be bringing the card reader?
  7. Thank you all for your posts. I think I will go for the 14mm and 8.8mm, as we all know the skies are not great in the UK so i'll likely add in the 6.7mm in the future just for the odd clear nights. I look forward to using these at the upcoming star party, clouds permitting of course. Andy
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