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  1. Hi guys Sadly some tragic family news has prevented me attending today as well. Please feel free to use my pitch (Buzzard 51). Until next year then. Andy
  2. Unfortunately I am unable to make today, really hoping to get there for tomorrow though.
  3. FLO - cash only sales or will you be bringing the card reader?
  4. Thank you all for your posts. I think I will go for the 14mm and 8.8mm, as we all know the skies are not great in the UK so i'll likely add in the 6.7mm in the future just for the odd clear nights. I look forward to using these at the upcoming star party, clouds permitting of course. Andy
  5. Hi I own the ES 82 30mm, which I find is very good performance for the price, and want to want to extend my set partly with the proceeds of selling my full set BST Starguider eyepieces on Astrosell (I am too new to sell them on here yet). My question is which small set of ES 82 eyepieces should I buy to cover a general (observing) range in my 200P, I can't go mad and buy all of them so I am thinking the 18mm, 11mm and 8.8mm. I won't be buying them all straight away as I am also trying to buy a ZenithStar 71 to get into imaging with my DLSR. So 8.8mm first followed by the 18mm and lastly the 11mm? Andy
  6. Hi Kev A story with no ending as you didn't report back, what did you buy in the end?
  7. Thank you all for your sound advice, I really do appreciate it. I believe for now I need to digest a few books and then look towards a small refractor on a tripod to learn the ropes. Clear skies to you all! Andy
  8. Evening Imaging is of great interest to me so I would like to know what equipment would be best 'bang for your buck' to get me started. I know it all starts with a good mount so with a small budget of £500~ I want to give it a go and see how I take to it before spending a great deal more on the likes of a AZ EQ6 & Espirit 100 ED. I currently own a SW200P Dob and a Nikon D3300 camera Likely this question has been asked a million times but I want more current information. Many thanks Andy
  9. Thanks Grant. This will be my first time but I think I am in a decent spot away from the trees Here is a link to the park map http://www.lucksallpark.co.uk/media/3050/new-site-map.png
  10. I've booked my tickets for Friday and Saturday. I've only owned a telescope for 2 months so hoping to experience my first taste of a dark skies site at my first star party
  11. On a bright clear day they look like they come straight out of the sun, many shiny satellites with the flare being the cherry on the cake. I posted a video on one of my recent posts.
  12. And not just me too then, the satellite display was so much clearer in real life and went on for hours so there must be others whom saw it. Shame I didn't capture that Iridium flare!
  13. I saw it John, I spent the afternoon naked eye watching the stream of satellites made visible by the sun and thought I saw one of the satellites burn up. Now I've I read your post I realise it must of been an Iridium flare because the time, location and visual completely correlates. Andy
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