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  1. I was going to get the Dobsonian but I want to start taking photos eventually and apparently they are no good for that
  2. Would these be any good for the skywatcher 150p https://www.bristolcameras.co.uk/p-skywatcher-eyepiece-torch-filter-set-20265-.htm
  3. After a few more hours reading I think I'll go for the sky master expoler 150p and a lenses or 2
  4. Am I right in thinking the 150pl has a better magnification and can see further and more detail of planets and the moon
  5. I'm near the 5 ways. I am leaning towards the 200p dob
  6. Thanks for replys. I've not even seen the 150 dps only the p and pl I'll have a look at that to. For my viewing I'd like to be able to get good close ups of the moon and planets galaxies. I live in liverpool but the it's fairly dark at night where I am I'm not to concerned about size as I will store it in my garage and use it in my garden. I current have a pair of 20x80 celestron binoculars and for some reason I find Orion amazing so if like to get thr best views of that as I can with my cash.
  7. After hours of reading up on what scopento get I thought I'd made my decision. The skywatcher 150pl but now ove seen the 200p dobsonian. Now I'm undecided can any one help with my 2 choices
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