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  1. I find it so difficult the wrong way round effect. Hopefully I'll get my head around it soon
  2. Is the an eyepiece I can buy to make the image i see the right way up
  3. I've just bought the 200p skywatcher Dob solid tube. I thought about getting the Felx Tube but couldn't see the point in spending out the huge amount extra. I have bought a 2 extra eyepieces and a Barlow with the money saved and I'm still quids in.
  4. Ive copied and paste that into my notes. I'll start buying a few extras each pay day. Last night it all come together and had some amazing views of Jupiter I could see the colour and band across it. My views of the moon blew me away. Just randomly pointing the scope around the sky and seeing thousands of stars.
  5. awlfc

    Hi from Liverpool

    Hello I'm in Huyton about 10 minute drive from pex hill although I still haven't been to the astronomy club
  6. First night out with my score last night. Decent breaks in the clouds and with the 10mm eyepiece that come with the scope I could see and find everything I pointed it at. But when i put my BST lenses in all i could see was my eye lashes. What am I doing wrong and why is the twist thing on the BST an extra focuser
  7. I bet you have some good skies in Texas. I'm in Liverpool UK. Loads of light pollution here.
  8. That's some collection. Where in the world are you from. Ive only just got my first scope been using 20x80 celestron binoculars for about 6 months csnt wait to get my scope out ots been cloudy since I got it. I now have 2 BST lenses 8 and 12 plus the 10 and 25.. I got with it plus a x2 Barlow that should keep me going for a while. My next purchase later on in the year will be an EQ mount
  9. What scope do you have, do you have a collection of scopes to.
  10. I'm debating pushing the buy button on a 8 and 12 mm BST and a Cheshire collimator.
  11. That's some collection. Do you get the same size eyepiece in different makes
  12. Think I'll go with the 8 now and get the 12 next pay day. Do you all stick with the same type of eyepiece or do you mix and match with different makes. Just seen skywatcher planetary eyepieces and they are about £10 cheaper than BST. This is a complicated hobby to start off in.
  13. In after good close ups of the moon that's why I thought the 8mm and a Barlow would give that. Would the 12 and the Barlow give good close ups of craters
  14. I have just recieved my scope and I have the standard 10 and 25mm eyepieces that come with it and a 2x Barlow. I am looking at getting an 8mm BST eyepiece I was wandering if this will be a good match for the scope and work well with the Barlow. I have read so much about focul length and scope speed I have over loaded my head and I'm more confused than before I started to read.
  15. I have removed it now and mirror looks very clean. Just need the clouds to foxtrot oscar so I can use the thing.
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