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  1. Hoi hoi, thanxx for your reply. I use the lunt 60 Tsh 1200. Can you tell me how you can place your equipment in your memberarea? Marcel
  2. Hi Alan, i can see ehat you have for equipment, how did you do that? Ans thanxx for your reply Marcel
  3. Hi there, Can someone tell me if it is possible to use a powermate combined with a lunt 60? Thankxxx And in the meantime… how can i let you know what i have voor scope etc? I believe its simple but i am sure i missed something about that thanxx
  4. Hi, Last week i received my starsense skywatcher and i am really impressed. Although i have also the polemaster, the starsense is much quicker. It is value for the money. I am really happy with it. I agree that with tracking it is of importance that the polaralignment will be accurate. Marcel
  5. Hi, my intended budget is 2500 eur. Hydrogen Alpha . Every brand has its own issues. So it makes it difficult.
  6. Uhmm, i have an EQ6 r pro, skywatcher 200mm newton, several deloss and a paracorr 2.
  7. Hi John, This is very helpfull for me. So Lunt has its own issues? If i read your reply your happy with yours? I know about the plastic screws. Its a shame. (Laughing) Lunt is also more expensive so its not my first choice. I'm for work in Mexico-City next week. So ill have some thougts about it. First thing to arrive is my starsense for my sky-watcher thursday. It will be nice weather here so ill give it a try first. Kind regards Marcel
  8. Hi! I am lokking for a solar telescope. pre-owned or new. What are the best options? Thankxxxxx
  9. Hi, yes i know and thats working fine but in the sky its a different matter. (laughing) Thankxx
  10. Hi Alan, I am waiting for a clear sky. (laughing) Whithout the paracorr2 even my 6mm delos comes in to focus. Next week i wil try the links. Thanxxxxx
  11. Hi Alan, Thank you for your reply. Yes i know that you can adjust the paracorr2 to reach focus for the eyepiece but in my case i must extend the paracorr2 to reach focus. In my opinion i am doing something wrong. our skywatcher telescope is BKP 200DS. Tomorrow i use the links you send me. Tankxxx! Marcel
  12. Hi Everyone, Seems like we have a bit af a problem. The hardware : skywatcher EQ6 R Pro, skywatcher photonewton 200 mm, paracorr2, delos 6 and 17,3 mm. The problem is : its very difficult to get a nice clear picture of Jupiter and mars. When we are using the paracorr2 in combination with the delos it is almost impossible to get a clear picture. Even we must extend the paracorr2 otherwise it comes not in focus. I have a few questions for you : 1. do i need the paracorr2 for observing only? or is it only for imaging? 2. why comes it not in focus? What are we doing wrong? 3. how can i attach the astronomik UHC filter to the paracorr2? 4. is the paracorr2 only working with lower magnification? Thanxxx for helping us out Kind regards
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