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  1. Hi , Welcome to SGL you can download the sky chart at skymaps.com . very useful
  2. @iggyiggs @celestron8g8 Bugs do exist. Better safe than sorry. I'm really thankful for your concern
  3. I was thinking about adding a parabolic field stop inside the tube. of course that would be equivalent to 4-3 inch telescope, I agree. Let me play around with the simulator and see what I can get out of a cheap telescope. It's nice project I guess
  4. I intend to I was checking if it was done before. Beside, I'm a newibe so I have to fight with a lot I'll report back
  5. Really interesting. How was the performance ? What is the draw backs ? Guys, We are scientist in general. when I hear bad design, I want to know why it's bad, can it be fixed with a small caveat and so on. I'm well aware know it's a bad telescope, but what can we get out of it ? maybe the eyepiece is nice, maybe the mount is bad so we can get another. I'm sorry of course to cause all this anger but, 50 euro is really nothing and with some work around it can be a nice add.
  6. Yeah, me too. the new can cost around 290 or so
  7. @mark81, you can get explorer 130 telescope for around 200 euros or so. I was just asking, why this telescope is bad? for a complete beginner like me, it seems that you buy the same thing for a higher price. Of course, I can understand why it's not true, but I have to get my head around it still :D
  8. Yeah, I can use ebay.de to get a used scope or student buy and sell groups. the variety is not that much in the telescope section though. But it's really tempting to get a scope that cheap :D
  9. @Pete Presland, I have to ask :D Poor optics in what sense ? The mirrors is not polished for example or it's mechanically unstable ?
  10. Hi all, I saw recently this telescope on amazon : here It's cheap .. cheaper than the binoculars in fact! Would it be a good telescope? what can possibly go wrong ? https://www.amazon.de/700-76-Teleskop-Pack-Smartphone-Adapter/dp/B01I3BWICA/ref=sr_1_1?s=ce-de&ie=UTF8&qid=1527263025&sr=1-1&keywords=700-76+Teleskop+Big+Pack Link edited
  11. I got my binoculars based on their recommendations Really, The binocular sky website was my indication of how people act in the astronomy community and how connected people are. I decided to up my budget from cheap 20 euro binos to the Olympus, because I knew I can find help and motivation in such a community. Thanks for the recommendation, @ronl
  12. Welcome to SGL I'm new myself. Jupiter is nice of course, How many moons did you see ?
  13. Hi all, any star parties in Bayern, Germany? Nuremberg maybe? Erlangen, I would be happy.
  14. I have just saw this on fb. here Is that real? Can we actually point a telescope and see nothing at this spot ?!
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