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  1. The handset firmware can be flashed to Alt/Az with a download from the Skywatcher website. I did the same for my supatrak mount.
  2. Another vote for 'Turn Left at Orion'. Dobbie has it in a nutshell.
  3. Hi boa Have a look under customer support on the skywatcher website, you will find a download for your manual there.
  4. It's about time I had serious scope upgrade, so I'm saving up for a Meade LT 8 ACF. Might take several months tho'
  5. Pants, slippers, deodorant w shower gel and a book of chicken recipes. Ah well maybe next year.
  6. 37, no wait damn 38, another year just flown by
  7. Welcome to SGL. The 200p Dob will be ideal for observing deep sky.
  8. As far as literature is concerned I would recommend "Turn Left at Horizon". it is easy to use and understand with plenty of night sky objects to keep you busy for quite some time. Can picked up online for about £15. Enjoy your new scope.
  9. Hi Paul, I've PM'd you on this problem. Sounds like you've definatley fried the mount pcb. As you bought it second hand you'll need to get a new pcb or buy a new mount. As Cornelius mentioned it is quite possible your power supply did not have the guts to supply the handset and mount. Always use a regulated power supply. Did you flash the handet firmware into AltAz mode?
  10. I would go for the larger apperature Matt. For £260 you can get a 8" dob e.g Skywatcher Skyliner 200P. As far as Saturn is concerned even when it looks small, when you see the rings it will still have you staring at it for some time and don't forget you'll also be able to see some of its moons. I usually start and end my viewing session with it in the eyepiece.
  11. The scope olly recomends is a bargain. If thats too much and you don't mid using a Dob mount the SW 200p Skyliner is a bit less at around the £260 mark. Dobsonians - Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsonian
  12. I have to agree, save for a bigger aperature. I have the explorer 130 and am now saving for a 10" Dob. The explorer 130 is a good starter scope but as you already own a 80mm refractor I would'nt bother with it.
  13. Hi Matt, Welcome to SGL. I bought my first scope 6 months ago, almost the same one as you mentioned but without the goto function but upgraded to the Synscan handset last month. There is a bit of self satisfaction in finding objects in the night sky just by star hopping but I've got to say the goto function saves alot of time. Yes you will see the ring of saturn, and yes I say ring because as the rings are side on at the mo' and the fact that the focal length of the scope is quite short you won't get enough magnification with the stock eyepieces it comes with. I bought a 6mm EP, so with the x2 Barlow it made a difference but not too much (just waiting for those rings to open up). Still it is an amazing sight. I live in a quite heavily light polluted area but am still able to see some of the brighter DSO's (M41 was an eye opener). Steppenwolf has this scope summed up to a tee. To add this is a great starter scope and still fairly portable but to be honest the apperature thirst will get to you like me, I'm already saving up for a 10" Dob!
  14. What is it about Saturn that I always start and finish a nights viewing with it in the EP for quite some time? A gem in the night sky. By the way seeing was absolutely perfect tonight.
  15. Wish I was there! Skies were perfect here (Chessington) apart from the beautifull orange sky glow , no aircraft to smudge the skies (or noise). Looks like you going to get another good clear night. Have a great time all.
  16. A simple pic from my point and shoot sony DSC-W55 taken 10 mins ago (16APR10 21:05).
  17. Managed to find some info myself on this one. on the Synta Synscan AZ mount for SkyWatcher reflectors - Astronomy.com Forums I am also a new amateur using the SkyWatcher Synscan az mount - Astronomy Forums
  18. I have SW SupaTrak mount (same as AZ Goto) with a Synscan H/S but even after aligning with 2 stars it is still a bit out when slewing to a selected object. Is this because that the backlash setting is zero, if so how do I work out the backlash discrepency? Or anyone who has the same mount, what setting do you use?
  19. Just to confim this, I've managed to flash a EQ h/s to Alt/Az. The only problem was as I had a SupaTrak mount was trying to source a cable for the AZ mount, but managed to make my own. Big improvement to the original h/s.
  20. Yeah me too, got the same problem the boss won't allow the funds. Got stellarium to work. ACE :D Thanks again Brett the £80 for the handset wasn't wasted after all.
  21. I've knocked up a cable and it is working perfectly, wow the goto function is ace. Thanks for the info Brett, much appreciated. No need for the pics.:D:D Now all I need to do is work out how to use it with Stellarium 10.4.
  22. Thanks Brett this is exactly what I need. The green is +12v, the red and yellow are a single data line as they are connected together inside the mount , the white is flow control and black is ground but is brown on the plug on the original hand control. Is it definatley black, not that it should matter? The blue connection is not used. Pics would still be helpful. Thanks again.
  23. Hi Brett, I have a supatrak mount but I have acquired a EQ Synscan handset. I managed to flash the handset with Alt/Az firmware but the cable it came with is for the EQ mount, so what I'm after is the cable that connects from the handset to the Alt/Az mount, or closeup pics of the cable connectors (the side with the coloured wires on which you can see through the clear plugs) so I can make up a cable myself. See posted pic for an example of what I'm after (both ends needed). Thanks
  24. I'm desperate to use the synscan handset, please could anyone take a close-up pics of both plugs (RJ45 & RJ12) the side which you can see the coloured wires on and post them on this thread,it would be gratefully appreciated.
  25. I'm not having much luck finding this cable, does anybody know what the wiring config is as I have an rj12 and rj45 cable and could solder them together? A close up pic of each end would be really helpful.
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