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  1. I hope someone might be able to help, I have one of the Gemini Bars from Scopes 'n' Skies that I use with Skywatcher ED80 and Celestron astromaster 70AZ tube. The question is will it hold up to being used with my Skymax 150 and the ED80? My mount is a HEQ5 Pro. Does anyone know what the maximum load that one of these Gemini Bars can take? or would I do better going down another route?
  2. Thanks for the comments, I didn't take any flats - Now added that to the list of things to learn how to do (and remember to do!)
  3. Hi, Long time between posting, but I recently managed to bag this image of M45 while on holiday in Devon. Done using my ED80 on a HEQ5 Pro with my Canon 1000D, The guiding was done using a Meade DSI. Exposure details as follows, 2x240sec,6x360sec, 3x120sec. Stacked in DSS and put through Photoshop by my brother (He manages Photoshop better than me!) The only thing is we didn't notice that I had not set the camera to RAW and did all the shots in JPG The full size image can be found on my Flickr page M45 - The Pleiades | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  4. I've done that myself just looked out and seen that bright point of light - called up heavens above yup it was the ISS. As you say it is not easy to capture, I have tried it several times - not wanting to hijack this thread -but here is one of my attempts at the ISS The Dragon Masters Realm/Astronomy/ISS-Pass
  5. Hi, You could buy some Baader Solar Film, and some card and make your own. You could buy some from here Baader Planetarium - Baader Astrosolar Film and Filters and the card from a craft shop, and here are some instuctions Baader Planetarium - making of an inexpencive filter cell I made my own one and it works well. You can use the web cam that you have. You will get to see sunspots, like this Of cause you just have to be careful when you view the sun. Also make sure you cover the finderscope when pointing your scope at the sun! - I only relised in time the first time I did this.
  6. dragonmaster


    Hello and welcome Bigbear
  7. Thanks,I shot this in JPG and not RAW, I expect some expert tweaking in photoshop would have help this image,This is on the revist list now that I have my guide system up and running.
  8. I know it's a bit old and there are newer posts of this object, but I like to share my work, So here's my image of M57 done with my 8" newt and my Canon 1000D. If I have the right details this was 20 x 30sec exposures, prime focus. The link to the full size frame http://www.gibbons1701.plus.com/pictures/M57%20-%20Canon.jpg And the crop to 640x480
  9. I do have a image of this done with my 1000D, but it was not done with the ED80, I will give it a go some time.
  10. Mostly an audio book - Terry Pratchett or one of the Harry Potter stories.
  11. Thanks for the comments, I had always wanted to try doing the Milkyway, I had planed on trying this again at the start of the year but the weather did not help.
  12. As I have not done much imaging recently I thought I would share some of my previous work. Here's my DSI attempt at M57, 8" newt. 21 x 21sec exposures, tweaked in Photoshop. Taken from Sevenoaks.
  13. This is another of my DSI images, this time taken with my 8" newt, autoguiding with QHY5. 39 x 21sec exposures, small amount of tweaking in Photoshop. Taken from Sevenoaks.
  14. Great image, never get tired of looking at the moon - apart from the full moon!
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