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  1. And after a little tweaking I'm even happier
  2. Yes, I did find myself frustrated at the non-sharpness, but, when I checked clear outside it said 55% high cloud, so I was quite pleased in the end.
  3. As the title says, in fact it's my first attempt ever at imaging something through a scope. I used a Sony A7 attached to my SW Mak 127 via a NEX adaptor. Nowhere near the amazing images you guys get, but for me a huge leap.
  4. Remarkably late, but, finally got round to attaching my A7 to the Mak127. With one thing and another haven't been able to use the scope for most of last year, but tonight in about 15 minutes, managed to produce these. And it's all thanks to the help and advice from you guys and Peter at Tod Observatory. Not as amazing as some shots you guys do, but, for me a giant leap forward!
  5. On holiday. We're only a couple of hours drive away so try to get to Langdale at least 5-6 times a years.
  6. I do miss those cold dark nights. I only started astrophotography last year with my a6000 and a samyang 12mm lens but loved the results. Bought a scope this year mainly for my wife, but for me too. Waiting for those dark nights as sadly our jobs don't allow mega late stayups. Got some amazing results in Langdale this year (amazing to us , but, probably not to you more experienced guys)
  7. We had milk in small glass bottles at school in the 70's. Was always warm and had cream on the top. Yes, it was vile.
  8. I almost replaced the diagonal on my SW Mak 127 as it was suggested it wouldn't cope well with the weight of my new TS binovioewers, but, some timely advice from Martin at FLO saved me unnecessary expense when he said it'll be just fine.
  9. No problem at all, Mike. A very generous act on your part.
  10. Also, a legit option. It still won't change my preference ?
  11. Again, I was very happy with my purchase from them and all communications, but, would still have loved to pick up a phone and ask a few questions.
  12. Indeed, it should really be about options.
  13. My limited dealings with FLO have been by email and the comms very good (apart from one misunderstanding which was quickly resolved), but I do so wish they had a telephone number. I prefer voice contact for questions and conversation.
  14. If Shane doesn't take you up on these, we're nearby to you and can collect this weekend. Also happy to make a donation to a charity of your choosing.
  15. Based on the sound advice and help from this site, we bought the Smymax 127 AZ Gti the other week. An amazing scope and the goto is fabulous. We had it setup out of the box and seeking within minutes. There is a fab youtube vid about them if you like. It's on my previous thread here or if you search astronomy and nature centre on youtube it's there. I also got a simple adaptor that allows my Sony A6000 to fit directly onto the scope.
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