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  1. Can i ask you, which app you are using ?
  2. I have 20mm and 10mm , which zoom eyepiece will you suggest me to buy?
  3. Hello everyone. I want to ask you to give me opinion which acessory kit ( with filters) is the best for my scope(also not very expensive ?)
  4. Tommorow i will try again and i will write here what happened. Hope i find it Thank you very much all of you!!!
  5. Im using this 20mm eyepiece : i also move in spiral and other directions until i find the current object. I find everything i wanted, but Saturn i couldnt for some days, actually i have never seen it from my scope.
  6. yes, i see it with naked eye but when i point the scope there, there are only stars from Scorpio... I dont know what is wrong
  7. I have nerver used red dot finder, i find planets manualy with rotation axes. i know where it is located but cant see it while observing
  8. Hello everyone! After some nights of trying to catch Saturn, i came to ask for your help ! I downloaded Sky View app for android and i easily locate where Saturn is. But when i start search it (with Celestron AstroMaster 90EQ) i cant find it. There are a lot of stars around Saturn, i cant see any sign of him,unlike Mars,Jupiter or Venus which are very easy to find. I observe star by star hoping to find Saturn but no results... Can anyone give me advices or reason why Saturn is undetectable?
  9. Well, thank you very much ! I didnt know about this knob. Next time i will use it , and hope i will see them with more details and clearly THANK YOUUUU
  10. Thanks for answer. The image you show is not like my view. I observe it bigger thank this, with 20mm eyepiece. What do you mean with 'focus your scope' ? I paste it on the ground, and position it to the planet, after that i search it direct with the 20mm eyepiece. Also, all of my friends also see black dots, some says they see horizontal lines on the planets
  11. Hello everyone! Last night i went to observe planets with my Celestron AstroMaster 90EQ.I tried to look at Jupiter,Venus and Mars.All of them were really bright,there was no big difference in color quality.Venus and Jupiter had same colors (bright color,something like white), only Mars was red.While observing all of them, there were black dots in the eyepiece, i think its inside the scope, maybe dust inside the scope ? Also, the quallity is not good , i cant see any details. P.S the sky was clear (only at the end of horizonts there have been clouds)
  12. I dont know why i remove it.. , i was curious ... ? mm i will try with screwdriver to put it back . When i remove the control handle , it is easy to screw up the bolt back , but after that i cant screw up the control handle, because the spring has not shrunk. P.S bolt threads are fine , i damaged the hole threads , where the bolt is screwing
  13. Hello everyone! Today i removed this bolt But now, i cant put it back.I tried with wrench, and the bolt thread started to get damaged. A lot of effort is required to put it back ... , and i think there must be another way , not with brute force.. Im asking for your help , to navigate me how to solve this annoying problem Thank you in advance!
  14. I found some moon filters, but they are not specified for diameter ( in my case 90 mm ) I just saw 1.25'' and so on .. 90mm = 3.5 inches , soo how to understand which size of moon filter to buy ?
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