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  1. Hi there I was always tempted by one of those Seben scopes myself. I haven't looked through one yet but i'd like to, i'd like to see what kind of value for money they offer. Let us know when you take it out and give a report please ? Thanks Michael
  2. LOL i'm also 6'1" and 18.5 stone. But joking aside i'm quite lucky, the kids in my village don't appear to cause any trouble whatsoever, there is no vandalism anywhere. The primary school has a garden that is tended by the locals and is always pristine. The kids hang around in the park at night because there is nothing else for them to do, they don't make a noise or mess the place up. I'm hopeful that a few might show an interest. I'll take my skyscout along, i think that tools like this will help to encourage the kids who may not think the hobby is cool.
  3. This winter i'll be taking my scope to the local park at night in the hope that some of the locals decide to check out what i'm doing.
  4. I have noticed a lack of young people that seem to be involved in the hobby, has anyone noticed an uptake from youngsters after the IYA? I'm a new start to the hobby myself so can't comment if it's always been this way or not. My 4 year old loves looking through "our telescope"
  5. Bearing in mind that shortly in astronomical terms can be quite long.
  6. lol 50,000 posts Dark Energy
  7. I need to show my wife this thread, then she might realise that it could be so uch worse...
  8. thanks for that Bill, thats around the time we were thinking. I'll look into HAS and Sigma Thanks Michael
  9. Hi Bill i live in a small village just outside Inverurie, Westill isn't that far from me. I've been a member of the the Aberdeen Astronomical Society since last year. I think there are a few other members here on the boards Andrew the mod is a member i believe thanks Michael
  10. Going to have to look into this for my new 250 skywatcher when it arrives this week
  11. Congratulations !!! I still have a way to go before i even get there
  12. Agreed i bought a pair of 15x70 binos from here last week and they look new
  13. Also if your downloading the i-tunes U stuff it goes into the i-tunes U category. I like seeing all my podcasts etc together, you need to change the category of the i-tunes u stuff before you can see them next to your podcasts. Also they tend to be quite large in size in comparison to normal podcasts
  14. Well worth the money you paid for it. Not sure that it's up there with the best but it's functional
  15. The moon might be out of the way but you'll never know as the curse of the new kit means that it'll be cloud cover all the way
  16. That is an awsome scope you have there !!!
  17. I can't wait for the dark nights, it seens like an age until they will be back. It wouldn't be so bad but the summer has been terrible...
  18. Thanks for that. Iv'e been waiting for some stuff to arrive from Canada and the States. Both of my bits of kit are well below the threshold
  19. Watched a documentary about Saturns rings last night on the streaming madness site, very good stuff indeed.
  20. Bill, My Wife and myself are thinking about caravaning around forres adn nairn. Do you dark skies there? Thanks Michael
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