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  1. Nicely seen and exposed. I like the framing with the tree around Venus.
  2. Hi Gary, I think you will get a lot of pleasure using your Kowa scope. I have a Leica Televid 77 APO which gives some really sharp clear views of some of the open clusters like the Pleiades. You can also watch Jupiters moons as they go round in their orbits, and if conditions are really good you may be able to see the main belts on Jupiter though at 30x magnification the image will be small. The moon is always a good target, and quite a bit of detail can be seen from night to night as the phases change. You could also try photographing the moon by attaching a camera to the eyepiece with an adaptor. Birders use this technique called digiscoping to photograph birds at a distance. Use the scope and I think you will be pleasantly surprised what you can see.
  3. Hi Sid, Beautiful photo. I enjoy looking at astro photo's within a landscape. Thanks for sharing. I think it's a contrail too but I don't think it detracts from the image.
  4. Lensman

    Newbie Alert

    Hi George, Welcome to SGL. I'm sure you'll enjoy the forum.
  5. Lensman

    Hi Guys n Gals

    Hi Ed, Welcome to SGL. Lots of very knowledgable people here ready and willing to guide you up the learning curve.
  6. Midges just love the taste of me. I use Skin So Soft to repel them. It's a product from Avon and is also available in outdor stores like Tiso. It contans something that midges hate.
  7. Dave, What a wonderful resource you have been given. You must have spent a lot of time and effort to produce these beautiful images. I'm looking forward to seeing some more.
  8. What beautiful images - you almost feel as if you were there. A big thanks for the post.
  9. Great images Aaron, nice and crisp with good contrast. Very well done.
  10. I love just to sit in the back garden warmly wrapped up and scan the sky with my bins, letting my eyes roam through the star fields - very relaxing.
  11. Hi Jim, Looks to be a really well made box for your scope. Gives a nice "quality" feeling. I wish I had the skills and patience to construct one for my scope. I've resorted to the soft bag approach, which I hope will give my scope some protection. The travel case I used is 100 litre capacity and provides a "snug" container for an 8" LX90. I was able to fit the original meade foam base inside the case and used some 10mm ground roll high density foam in layers to cover over the top. Hopefully this will prevent a few knocks going through to the scope. Case is also on wheels , so can be carried or rolled
  12. Hi Guys, Its nice to see so many folk from the central belt actively involved in astronomy. Hope to meet up with you all at some point. Frank
  13. I took this photo of the Partial Eclipse of the moon on 31/12/09 using a Nikon D70, 70-300 telephoto lens and 2x converter
  14. Hi Brian, Very nice images, lots of detail there.
  15. Hmmm, I think I'll stick with the current version till it settles down. If it ain't broke dont fix it.
  16. Chinese lanterns seem to be the "in thing" at some weddings nowadays, but totally agree that there a potential for forestry and agricultural devastation during dry weather. (Not that we get too much here )
  17. 2001, a brilliant film and special effects outstanding, considering when they were made. Love 2010 - good old cold war overtones
  18. Well done John, hope you continue for many years to come.
  19. Hi Andy, Not sure how far you go back, but I can remember an 8.5" Newtonian Reflector with skeleton tube in a display window at Central Station. I think Quiggs is now called Merchant City Cameras, but still has a range of telescopes, microscopes, binoculars, cameras and all sorts of optical goodies. Cheers Frank
  20. Hello to all. I first became interested in astronomy many years ago. Back then telescopes were very expensive, relatively speaking, and I had to resort to cobbling telescopes together using things like plastic drain pipes and thick cardboad tubes, with the mirrors being purchased from the likes of Charles Frank in Glasgow. Terrible wobbly things but lots of fun. More recently I became actively involved in Astronomy again, and last year got hold of a Meade LX90 8" SCT which which I've had some really amazing views. I have enjoyed looking through the SGL forums and must say I'm really impressed with the depth of knowledge you all have. I have learned a lot reading through them. Thanks to you all. Wishing you all Clear Skies Cheers Frank
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