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  1. Many thanks for everyones advice and I have also ordered a replacement belt from Rowan Astronomy
  2. I have a HEQ5 rowan belt conversion which has been in situ for a few years, although not heavily used. However, my guiding has not been particularly good and so I removed the cover to check the belts. I have noticed that the RA belt is buckled and when running actually catches on the teeth of the belt running in the opposite direction, which can clearly been seen in the photograph. Has anyone else encountered this and what did they do to resolve it? Thanks Adrian 20200410_114008.mp4
  3. Thanks Mike. It was all a bit "last minute" and the battery on the Canon 600D needed charging, but you're right I need to do a comparison. On the whole the 600D works well, but is noisy when the sensor gets warm.
  4. Hope you don't have to go via M42 J3 as the roadworks are causing big delays I didn't perform a stretch, so I'm wondering if that was part of the problem
  5. Mine is 242mm, F/4.8 https://www.firstlightoptics.com/guide-cameras/sky-watcher-evoguide-50ed-guidescope-zwo-asi120mm-bundle.html
  6. Thanks. I only use the ASCOM derived Unity settings (G120, O30) last night, so optimising this would be a good start Many thanks for your detailed reply. I agree, I'd have expected the additional light gather to have compensated for the slower speed of the ED120, which is why I was surprised. There was no dew on the lens and yes the ASI120 was in 8 bit mode. I'm new to APT and it's complex compared with my previous BackyardEOS. I need to do some more reading Thanks, I will. Only just noticed your location. You can't be too far away from me, we probably share the same ligh
  7. I’ve recently purchased a ZWO ASI294MC-PRO and last night was first light for this on my SW 120ED. Conditions were not ideal for imaging, but to familiarize mysef with the camera I setup a comparison with the SW 50mm guidescope / ASI 120MM Mini using Sharpcap and APT. I had great hopes for the 294, especially in terms of sensitivity, but I have found that the 294 appears far less sensitive than the 120MM. As an example, M57 using the 120MM with a gain of 54 and an 8 second exposure clearly showed the object and a multitude of stars. Whilst the 294 on the 120ED showed a much fainter M57
  8. I tried using a Logitech Gamepad F710, but found that the wireless connection was frequently lost, usually part way through an observing session. I later read a report that buttons on the F710 can be susceptible to moisture. I now use a wired gamepad, which although less convenient never looses a connection. Adrian
  9. I'm in the same dilemma. I came across this insurer, but I have no experience of it https://www.gloverhowe.co.uk/astronomy-insurance/ Adrian
  10. Turnbuckles at an angle too. In use for 4 years and no problems yet Adrian
  11. The ISS can be picked up with very basic equipment. I managed to hear Tim Peake when he was aboard using a handheld Baofeng UV-5RA.
  12. Just found out that Andy "Astronomiser" has stopped doing Canon DSLR mods from 16th Sept. I'd like to get my 600D modified. Does anyone have any recommendations? Microbe
  13. Thanks. Opted for the CR1 in the end, and as it was on offer at FLO I put the saving towards the DC motorised attachment. It works well, apart from failing to reach focus with some eyepieces, so needed to buy a focus extended, but a big improvement on the stock SW focuser.
  14. I would like to replace the stock focuser on my SW 200P and have been looking at the Moonlite options. My aim is also to have this motorised at some stage. With this in mind, is there any advantage in the CR2 over the CR1, particularly as there is a £110 price difference which could be put towards the motorised focuser option. I'd be interested in the thoughts of anyone else who has had this dilemma Thanks in advance Adrian
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