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  1. I've decided to not get a telescope at the moment, I'll just use my binos until I got a bigger budget so I can buy a proper one.
  2. thnx, anyone here ever heard about a philo 40x40 telescope btw?
  3. From what I see here it isn't worth it even if the finder's scope was fine.
  4. kk, I'll give this one a pass then, thnx guys
  5. It's about a £10 lol what does that mean?
  6. I have seen a great local offer for a national geographics telescope 76/700, but the catch is that the view finder is broken, is it possible to replace this?
  7. I decided to use a cheap bracket I bought before from ebay because it's metal is quite thick, but the biggest problem I had was that the bolt in front of the binoculars are quite short so I had to make it more thin. I filed out a bigger hole for the bolt and heated up the bracket and used my chainmail anvil and hammer to thin the top out so it would fit. After some time it did and we finally had clear skies last night aswell so I immediately put it to use. I was great watching the stars and moon although the moon looked a bit "weird" when it is full kinda like it is fake xD. I took some pics b
  8. thnx, ik ben ook een Nederlander xD
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome guys, Interesting approach, I'll give it a try.
  10. Hey guys, I have visited this site a couple times some time ago while I was searching for a pair of binoculars, I decided to start with a 7x50 and on one clear night(Which we don't get much over here xD) me and my family had a great view of the moon and even my father who couldn't care less about astronomy came out to see. I recently also bought a tripod and a mount but it seems the mount adaptor doesn't fit my binoculars because I think it is meant for new ones and the ones I have are probably old(prob why I got them for a tenner on ebay) I bought another adaptor which also didn't fit w
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