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  1. I currently have a ZWO 178MC OSC planetary camera. Everybody tells me that I need to get a mono chrome camera for solar imaging. I have narrowed it down to two cameras the ZWO ASI178MM or the ASI174MM. The ASI174MM is quite a bit more expensive and I am not sure why? I have a Lunt 60MM HA f/7 Solar scope and looking for recommendations.
  2. So were these pictures taken at F/10?
  3. I have a Celestron Evolution 8 SE with a focal length of 2032 F/10 and I have a Window 10 PC. I am trying to find a 1.5X Barlow which would be perfect for this camera.
  4. I just bought my telescope this winter have ben enjoying the skies but I would now like to move onto some planetary imaging. I bought a ZWO178MC camera and I have been told that I need capture software along with some stacking software. Names that I have heard are: Sharpcap Firecap Maxim DL Registax Autostak (Spelling) ? I would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks
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