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  1. Hi, I have a Skywatcher 80ED which came with a 9x50 finderscope and I'm trying to use it a guidescope. I have an Altair IMX224 which I will use as the guide camera. The other day I bought a T2 Parfocal Adapter that is made for the 9x50 scope and it fitted into the scope but I couldn't attach the camera to it. I have a few other adapters but none of them fit into the new adapter I just bought; some go into the adapter with just enough space so the threads won't connect. What can I do about this since I just paid £30 for a piece of metal that doesn't work? Is there an adapter t
  2. Here I've imaged my favourite set of lunar craters that I refer to as the 'trio'. Taken on 19/06/18 with a Nexstar 5se, 3x Barlow and Altair GPcam IMX224. ~800 frames stacked in Autostakkert and wavelets were done in Registax. Photoshop for final adjustments such as noise reduction, sharpening and contrast.
  3. Trio of craters taken with Nexstar 5se and Altair GPcam IMX224.
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