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  1. Sky is starting to clear a bit to the West here, we'll see if it clears completely.
  2. SHHHH! Don't tell anyone they might fix it! I have rain now though.
  3. CO forecasting 30% cloud however there's barely a clear patch of sky. Met office shows it should clear up after 9pm but I wouldn't bet on it.
  4. Hauled my Star adventurer and DSLR out, started test shots of M31 and wispy cloud along with my neighbours LED security light came on, so came inside to make myself a cuppa and the light went off, So I'll drink this and try again later. EDIT: The unforecasted clouds have arrived from East to West (My main section of open sky) I have a small gap to the north which always seems to be clear on nights like this, unfortunately there isn't much in it to image plus I'd be aiming past a streetlight at the end of my driveway. Fun times.
  5. Clear here now and should be up until midnight, will attempt to get my first use out of the Star adventurer tonight.
  6. So it's currently throwing it down with rain yet from 7pm onwards it's supposed to be mostly clear, I'm sceptical about that.
  7. It was pretty clear here but now the clouds are rolling in.
  8. I may get a little time Friday night and late on Sunday into Monday morning if the forecast holds out...
  9. Has anyone noticed it's only cloudy during a new moon and clear on a full moon?
  10. Well managed a few test shots and some high laying cirrus clouds rolled in earlier than expected, also found out the quick release plate on my tripod means not only does the whole thing rock back and forth a little, if you try to release the clutch the entire thing spins on the screw that attaches it, guess I'll need a new tripod even though this one is only a few months old.
  11. It's fairly clear here, should get an hour or two to play with the star adventurer before the clouds arrive then it'll be 3 nights until there's a chance, until that changes of course.
  12. Had the adapters come today for attaching the star adventurer to my tripod and guess what? We're forecast cloud the next few nights!
  13. Good call, it's roughly the size of the front ring on my DSLR, won't fit this one but certainly the right size, thanks.
  14. Slight change of plans for me, my mount has decided it no longer wants to hold the star adventurer and would rather allow it to tumble backwards onto the concrete (luckily I was stood behind it) so I'll wait for the adapter to connect it to my tripod safely and just test the CLS filter I have with my DSLR, don't feel like hauling everything else out tonight with the terrible results I've had this week.
  15. I figured that... but don't know of anything that is a 62mm/2.4 inch fit
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