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  1. Now we have wall to wall cloud, the weather decided for me it seems.
  2. Should be fairly clear here tonight with 15-30mph winds but given I only use the SA I don't see it being very good at holding up to the wind.
  3. 20mins processing on 12mins of light subs only. compared to my last attempt I'm pretty impressed.
  4. Beautifully clear here, an hour or so on M42/43 until it disappears behind the trees, then switch over to M31 for a couple hours then back to Orion until I think I have enough. Have had some issues, the center post of my tripod which the tracker is mounted on likes to spin as I try to move the camera so I keep having to redo my alignment, need to find a way to stop it moving permanently I think.
  5. Sky has cleared so I'm back at it, at least now I'm not shooting through the light dome above the airport.
  6. I've had to take a break for now due to cloud and threatening rain, need to wait for Orion to emerge from behind the trees before I can continue anyway so not too much of a big deal.
  7. Looking good here so far, shooting away at M42/43 again, hopefully I'll get some usable data this time!
  8. We had a little but the clouds have passed and the sky is beautifully clear!
  9. My minutecast on AccuWeather has gone from an hour of rain with a small break in it to only 15 mins of rain, I may just walk outside instead....
  10. It's been lovely here the past few hours but with darkness comes clouds and apparently some rain, hopefully it'll clear up after that and I can actually get something done!
  11. Set up, push the button for first framing sub and bam wall to wall cloud, that has cleared but now there's a mist blocking my view, don't think tonight is my night.
  12. Skies have cleared, time to set up!
  13. Still patchy in places and clear in places, looks like some mist lingering around too, more light cloud rolling in so not looking good here,
  14. Clouds are rolling through with clear skies behind so just a matter of keeping an eye on it.
  15. Everything I've checked says patchy cloud, noticed some start to move in, walked to the top of my garden to look as far west as possible to see complete cloud cover rolling in. Not good right now but hopefully it may clear up later.
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