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  1. For those of you wanting to buy a telescope from Celestron and happening to read this: From now to April 29, Celestron offers 15% off of your order for up to $100. Promo code is PARKS
  2. Thank you all for the answers. I will go ahead and buy a 6" SCT and the avx mount I will look at the suggested lenses and focal field reducer after I get the telescope and get the hang of it.
  3. Would you recommend to just use the 20mm eyepiece that comes with the scope or get additional accessories? I did read the post pined in this section which says which piece to get for a certain aperture but unsure if they are worth getting from the get go.
  4. Thank you for your replies! Seems like the SCT has the edge for now. Now I guess, if I go for a SCT, would you say that the 6' would give me plenty to work with for a while before upgrading or would you recommend to wait before getting it and go for a 8' when I will have saved enough?
  5. Hello All, After reading countless posts on this forum and other about the debate between what is better between SCTs and Newtonians scope, I decided to create my account and to ask the same question but with the scopes I am looking at. To begin with, I know how to indentify the major stars and some constellations. I have been to black sites before and did wide angle photography of the milky way with a Sony a6000 but never ever owned a telescope/tracking mount. I did however do some binocular observing (7*50). Now regarding the scopes and mount. - I am pretty set on getting an AVX mount due to its go to functionality, which would allow my family to also use it. The fact that it is also a GEM mount as opposed to alt-az would allow me to do longer exposers with my camera. And maybe take a few pictures of stars thought the telescope. However this is not the main objective. - Scope wise, I am looking at a well rounded Celestron and more specifically at the ones bundled with the AVX mounts. The 3 in my budget are: - 6' SCT - 6' Newtonian - 8' Newtonian That being said I have read good and bad things about these 2 types of telescopes. Are Newtonians that cumbersome and is the eye piece truly in a terrible possition on GEM mounts? Are SCTs, which yes gather less, that much underperforming as all around scopes due to dew and cooling ( that being said I live in a rather dry climate) So while the 8 newtonian would definitely offer the best viewing experience, would the functionality of an 6 SCT outweight the inconvenience of the eye piece location of a newtonian on a GEM? How about the 6 SCT vs 6 newtonian? I know that i could probably get a dosbonian with a bigger aperture for far cheaper but the goal here is to have a we'll rounded mount that would allow me to accommodate both Newtonians and SCTs depending on where I want to go from here. Edit- also quick question, would it be worth it to keep the included eye piece until I am comfortable with the scope or would you recommend getting a few ones for more viewing enjoyment? Thanks! Meia

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