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  1. So does that mean setting the WB to daytime? Remove any manual settings?
  2. Hi guys If one was to have obtained a Canon 1000D modded camera (IR filter removed), is there any way of telling/knowing that it is a modded model other than long exposure imaging of objects (I.e M42) ? Will
  3. Hi guys I have recently acquired a modded 1000D camera body which has had the “IR mod” performed. Ie removal of the IR cut filter. I wish to do some Astro imaging through both my SW 200p Newtonian and my Skywatcher ED80. Which EOS clip filter is suitable? Is one type better for refractors and the other better for Newtonian? There seems to be a lot of confusion as to which is more suitable. your remarks would be extremely useful before I lay out ant cash on purchasing one of them. cheers
  4. Hi Guys I am getting a Canon 100D ( not the 1000D) and was wondering if there is any benefit over my 1100D for prime focus imaging through my 200p Newtonian. look forward to any constructive replies Will
  5. Hi guys I am considering buying a BST 50mm mini guidescope from Sky’s the Limit (skies-unlimited). I wish to use my Altair Astro AR0130C colour guide camera with it for guiding purposes and also to take advantage of the polar align feature in Sharpcap. will this combo be satisfactory for astroimaging with my Skywatcher 200P Newtonian? Will
  6. Thanks guys. I will certainly try V2.9 first Merlin. Does it give you full instructions as how to perform polar alignment in V2.9 ?
  7. Hi Guys i am considering buying the SharpCap pro software mainly for the polar alignment. I would be using my guide scope to attach my Altair Astro camera to enable me to use SharpCap. My guides scope is an f5. ST80. will the scope be okay with SharpCap ? Will
  8. I have had a full refund this afternoon from the supplier.
  9. Where did you buy your dummy battery for your 100D ? I was expecting my dummy battery to arrive with a cutout in one side where you attach the power lead jack plug, but unfortunately the jack plug slot is in the rear end , hence when the jack plug is inserted it prevents the lid from closing
  10. Yes Dave there is a route out at the side but if you can imagine that the jack plug is inserted into the rear end of the dummy battery which does not allow the lid to close
  11. Hi Guys i have today received a dummy battery for my Canon 100D from an eBay supplier in Germany. The Ad said that it is for the Canon 100D but upon looking at it , the aperture slot that you insert the power supply jack plug is on the rear end of the battery and therefore it prevents you from closing the battery lid on the camera. This lid has to be closed for a small spigot on the underside of the lid to depress a sensor on the camera . Any ideas how I can get over this problem at all? Will
  12. Hi Guys I am trying to achieve a perfect polar alignment on my EQ5 mount The polar scope has the latest clock face configuration and I am wondering whether I have rotated the RA axis enough to achieve the “0” of the clock face exactly at the top position. Is there a foolproof method of achieving this? Will
  13. Newbie Alert have you noticed any “amp glow” in your images using the 100D ?
  14. Thanks for the replies guys. I think I will opt for the 100D. How much and who is the best for performing the Astro modification to the camera?
  15. Hi Guys I am pondering over whether to add the EQ5 goto upgrade kit to my Skywatcher EQ5 Mount. Has anyone done this ? Could you tell me how easy/difficult the installation is and how useful is the upgrade in practice. thanks Will
  16. Hi Guys Looking for a 2" to 1.25" Low Profile Eyepiece Adaptor If anyone has one that they wish to sell please message Will
  17. Hi Guys I want to do prime focus Astro imaging through my Skywatcher 200p Newtonian. I have the option of buying either a Canon 1100D body or a Canon 100D body. I realise that the 100D is 18 megapixel compared to the 1100D which is 12 megapixel. In your opinion , which should give the better results? thanks in anticipation Will
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