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  1. Thanks all, your assistance and patience has been awesome. I underestimated how much was involved in collimation as I have been using a 10" sct.
  2. Hi Alacant. a very important omission sigh... it is the Orion xx14g. I should have started with that. The Star Test is shown below. The seeing is pretty poor tonight but this is what I managed. I do not see any other rings (posts mention several), but there is traces of the spider vanes if zoomed in. I also snapped a shot of the primary showing the black dot of the cap inside the donut, but i am not sure about the offset of the secondary mirror or if it is tilted properly. If zoomed in on the picture, you can see the fucuser tube off to the upper left slightly. Not sure if this means the secondary is still off so any suggestions on how I recentre the focuser (or if I even need to) would be appreciated.
  3. Thanks all for taking the time to respond. I am worried that the secondary mirror shows more of itself than other peoples photos do. Hopefully I am over reacting, but after spending $5k (NZ prices are wicked) I would like to get it right, or return it if it is not... The sky here is awesome during the summer. Of note, I did try the laser collimation and it said it was good.
  4. The picture is the same when the focuser is fully in or out I did the star check and got a perfect black circle dead centre of a grey circle, but never saw rings in it. I will try again and see if I can snap a photo.
  5. Hi all, I am new to collimating and have read a lot of conflicting posts, but I have given it a lot of tries. Can someone advise if there should be this much secondary mirror showing in the view please? The black pipe is the chimney reflecting in the primary. It has been a frustrating few days so any advice/comments on this picture would be greatly appreciated. Thanks George
  6. Ledge1962


    Hi all. I too would like to thank you for you explanation as I have just purchased the xx14g and the initial collimation was so frustrating, the dog was lying on the couch with his paws over his ears. I managed to align it pretty close (with grand daughters help), but still not really sure how I did it. I have ordered Bobs Knobs so will be using the bottle washer trick when I put them in, but does anyone know the correct dimmensions and thickness I should be making these washers for the 14g secondary mirror please?
  7. Ledge1962

    X-Cel LX EPs with f4.6 xx14G ??

    I guess the best option would be to buy the scope and use the X-Cels, but be prepared to spend more if need be. Not sure how I will hide that from the wife It does seem that different people have different experiences with similar eye pieces, and I guess to a degree, I like to get the best out of everything I buy. If I buy a program for my PC and it runs a bit slow, instead of throwing the program out, i upgrade the computer. Thanks for the advise, I have taken it onboard and either way, I will put up a review of the results once I get the telescope.
  8. Ledge1962

    X-Cel LX EPs with f4.6 xx14G ??

    Thank you both for responding. I am a bit nervous as the shop recommended Sky Wather ultra wide 80Degree eyepiece as $750 for a set of 3.
  9. Hi all. Has anyone tried using the X-Cel LX eps with the XX14g? I am thinking of getting the 14g, but with it being f4.6, I am concerned the LX's are not up to speed? I have 6 X-Cel LX eps for my 10-in SCT so dont really want to buy more if I can help it. They are the 1 1/4s not 2-in. Regards G
  10. I have a 10-in SCT, but are thinking of changing to a Dob as I feel they are better value and have better images. Also, if John has indicated it is a good choice, I would not hesitate myself, he knows his stuff.
  11. Hi all. I have just invested in the Skyguider Pro so being a complete newbie with it, I am happy to share experiences once I figure it out properly. I am putting on a Canon 6d and from what I have read (and that was a lot), the guider should perform well when balanced. Being Southern hemisphere, my biggest issue is sighting Sig Oct, but a piece of clear plastic with holes drilled in it to match the southern cross and a cross hair where Oct is should help. Is there a good resource to give exposure times and settings for this type of photography? There are a lot of photos with specs on them, but they were short stacked images taken without a guider. Any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated Regards George
  12. Thanks John, I am impressed with your hospitality towards new members. You are one of the reason these forums are so successful! Good luck with the 180 students, I really wish I was with them. Thanks for your welcome onto this site, I feel more confident dealing with others now. regards George
  13. Ledge1962

    Meade 8"sct

    What was the camera being used? I have a Canon 6d and had issues getting focus as Live View on a small screen makes everything look better than it is. I now use a diagonal eye piece that clips directly into the cameras eye piece over the view finder and that allows me to find focus easily.
  14. Thanks John, I appreciate the invite. I don't think I will bring the scope though, the scope weighs 46lbs and the mount is about 55ton. It is a steel girder welded to 1/2" inch steel plate and dyna bolted into a small concrete pad. Awesome for stopping vibration, but Air NZ may complain if i took it in as carry on baggage. I have been considering getting a 14-in Truss Dob (orion), what are your thoughts on the DOBs vs the OLD SCT's? My one is the Meade 2120B 10" on a EQ plate and has the old motor drive. It was made in the mid 90s i believe. Hope all is well in Oz
  15. Do you have to have a motorised mount to use it? I have a Meade 2120B and it only has a simple base tracking motor.

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