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  1. Ledge1962

    X-Cel LX EPs with f4.6 xx14G ??

    I guess the best option would be to buy the scope and use the X-Cels, but be prepared to spend more if need be. Not sure how I will hide that from the wife It does seem that different people have different experiences with similar eye pieces, and I guess to a degree, I like to get the best out of everything I buy. If I buy a program for my PC and it runs a bit slow, instead of throwing the program out, i upgrade the computer. Thanks for the advise, I have taken it onboard and either way, I will put up a review of the results once I get the telescope.
  2. Ledge1962

    X-Cel LX EPs with f4.6 xx14G ??

    Thank you both for responding. I am a bit nervous as the shop recommended Sky Wather ultra wide 80Degree eyepiece as $750 for a set of 3.
  3. Hi all. Has anyone tried using the X-Cel LX eps with the XX14g? I am thinking of getting the 14g, but with it being f4.6, I am concerned the LX's are not up to speed? I have 6 X-Cel LX eps for my 10-in SCT so dont really want to buy more if I can help it. They are the 1 1/4s not 2-in. Regards G
  4. I have a 10-in SCT, but are thinking of changing to a Dob as I feel they are better value and have better images. Also, if John has indicated it is a good choice, I would not hesitate myself, he knows his stuff.
  5. Hi all. I have just invested in the Skyguider Pro so being a complete newbie with it, I am happy to share experiences once I figure it out properly. I am putting on a Canon 6d and from what I have read (and that was a lot), the guider should perform well when balanced. Being Southern hemisphere, my biggest issue is sighting Sig Oct, but a piece of clear plastic with holes drilled in it to match the southern cross and a cross hair where Oct is should help. Is there a good resource to give exposure times and settings for this type of photography? There are a lot of photos with specs on them, but they were short stacked images taken without a guider. Any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated Regards George
  6. Thanks John, I am impressed with your hospitality towards new members. You are one of the reason these forums are so successful! Good luck with the 180 students, I really wish I was with them. Thanks for your welcome onto this site, I feel more confident dealing with others now. regards George
  7. Ledge1962

    Meade 8"sct

    What was the camera being used? I have a Canon 6d and had issues getting focus as Live View on a small screen makes everything look better than it is. I now use a diagonal eye piece that clips directly into the cameras eye piece over the view finder and that allows me to find focus easily.
  8. Thanks John, I appreciate the invite. I don't think I will bring the scope though, the scope weighs 46lbs and the mount is about 55ton. It is a steel girder welded to 1/2" inch steel plate and dyna bolted into a small concrete pad. Awesome for stopping vibration, but Air NZ may complain if i took it in as carry on baggage. I have been considering getting a 14-in Truss Dob (orion), what are your thoughts on the DOBs vs the OLD SCT's? My one is the Meade 2120B 10" on a EQ plate and has the old motor drive. It was made in the mid 90s i believe. Hope all is well in Oz
  9. Do you have to have a motorised mount to use it? I have a Meade 2120B and it only has a simple base tracking motor.
  10. Hi John, I used to live in Auckland, but moved to Marton about 2 years ago. The sky is certainly clearer here, but the weather is not very accommodating. I had to build a deck around the scope stand so I didnt keep sinking into the mud Are you over from Aussie?
  11. Thanks to all for the great responses. I am really surprised to get so many and such informative ideas. I am just waiting for the weather to clear (if ever) and will put these suggestions into practise. Cheers all.
  12. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I will try both options as I am keen to put the 6D on the scope and see what transpires. Your time is appreciated.
  13. Hi all. I am getting into Astrnomy but are faced with a couple of prblems due to location. Being in the Manawatu NZ, I am in the Southern Hemisphere, so we do not have a true South Star and as I do not have a Goto mount, just a Meade 2120B on a celestial wedge, I am interested to see how others (if any) in this hemisphere did their alignment without the computer. I made my first mistake of polar aligning the mount using magnetic south so tracking with the Meade 2120B was (not surprisingly) unsuccessful. Once I realise my mistake, using the magnetic variation and a couple of hours of lining up with the compass has it close, but there is room for improvement before I put a camera on it. I did use Stellarium to print out a copy of the Southern Cross with the Celestial Pole on it and then got a piece of clear perspex and drilled the holes in it to match the stars. I can hold the Perspex up so the holes line up with the stars, and it gives an accurate location visually, now I just need to find a way to get the scope matching it. Any hints (apart from buying a goto mount as they are expensive in NZ) would be appreciated. Cheers G
  14. I am new to astronomy but wanted a telescope for as long as I can remember. I picked up a Meade 2120b with Equatorial mount and an ETX astro for a good price, but since then, spent twice as much on better eyepieces, filters, barlows, heated dew shield and the list goes on. I had a boat, and that was the same. I had to have the latest hydraulic stabilisers, all the electronics that I could cram in it, better steering gear... so I am wondering now if I need all these bits or just want them. They say a boat is a hole in the water you keep pouring money into. I guess the sky is a black hole you can (happily) do the same with....

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