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  1. Warm welcome indeed and quite an active forum apparently! Thanks everybody, I'm looking forward to spending a fair few cloudy nights here. (Not quite as much as I'm looking forward to some clear nights after this stretch of weather though!) Peter Drew I shall have to make my way over one Saturday! 2STAR Fair point; I'm in Whitby, North Yorkshire. So I suppose our local astro societies share an acronym ?
  2. Hello everyone. I've been lurking here for a while, thought I'd sign up and say hello. My name's Tom, I am serious but you can call me Shirley if you like. I've had a telescope (skywatcher 150 dob) for about 7 years, it saw some use before I went to university to study physics, but I left it at home. (Naively thought there wouldn't be a great deal to see from the city.) It hadn't seen much use since, until January this year when I took it out under a nearly full moon to show my then lass the Orion neb and the Andromeda galaxy. Since then I must've been making up lost time because I've bee
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