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  1. would i be better off going with a 12" dob and just get a UHC filter or q couple of others? lol. i found a meade 395 for 80 (asking) would that be a good place to start?
  2. well, looks im saving up to put a hole in my wallet XD refractor here we come? only got 2 recomendations, hopefully ill get more soon.
  3. besides stupidly comlicated fabrications processes. lol. i hope we see this in our teles soon
  4. also, ima derail my thread a bit, but it seems like most of what makes a refractor better than a dob is the lack of light scattering, wouldnt MOST of that go away with the use of vanta black? it absorbs like 99.96% of light, its kinda creepy to look at, im surprised i havent heard of anyone trying to use it in one yet.
  5. hmm, should i be super focused on quality of optics? or go a bit less and go for aperture? (or is that defeating the purpose of this lol)
  6. yeah, i dont see myself being able to ever use this thing, any idea where i can sell this and how much i should ask for it?
  7. well, that is only around 7k over budget lol. any other ideas? XD
  8. this article pretty much says.... refractors kicks even his super nice dobs butt lol. albiet at the low low cost of 5,500 XD https://www.astromart.com/articles/other-articles/equipmentoptics/show/some-thoughts-refractors-versus-reflectors
  9. what refractor would you recommend going with? as i said before, i kinda wanting to replace the 8" dob with it, myabe get a 12" to replace it later, the ring nebula is to dim for my tastes lol (as an example)
  10. ok, so ive been looking into refractors lately, io cant remember why i started looking at them, but what are the benefits of one over my dobsonian? i heard they are better for planets and the moon observation and even nebulea if you can get a decent one, they have better contracts etc. that being the case i read in the article i linked below that a decent 4-6" refractor has about the same performance (i think for brightness of object?) as a 8" dob knowing this i wouldnt mind one in that size range so long as its under $1000ish (hopefully nowhere near that point lol) my eventual
  11. im honestly close to just selling this thing. and just using my 8" dob since i cant even recycles this into something else.
  12. ive looked at the back. the primary mirror is hard mounted to the back plate.
  13. well. there is no way to adjust the primary mirror within the housing it just gets bolted on. and it needed to be opened anyway it was a filty mess inside. dust from decades of sitting. who knows. this may just be an unusable lens from a different era. i dont have any kind of camera to test it on. so its probably just gonna sit and gather dust... again.
  14. well im pretty sure its parabolic. it looks exactly the same as my dobs mirror snd that tiny one minus the gapping hole. why would it make lots of coma. becuase of the hole? also its 4am here ill be on tomrrow
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