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  1. The AZ EQ6 looks pig ugly, my opinion whereas the EQ8 looks pretty cool.
  2. I see they are on sale in the states here so would be wise to buy a few at once and some savings could be made.
  3. Thats Mahoosive Bet you cant wait for first light with that. Great looking EP.
  4. Great image with an i-phone
  5. You can get these from Telescope House and a member posted earlier they are having a 10% off everything this weekend.
  6. Just make sure that you wont miss being able to magnify what it is you are looking at. Bins are a great next to a scope.
  7. Hello Mike and welcome to the Lounge
  8. Im in the markey myself and for that price lots of members recommend the BST Explorers at £41 from >here<. I dont think really exceed 250x in uk skies. Have a read of this also >link<
  9. Not astro physics but this is a good general introduction >publication< which will give you a reasonable understanding of astronomy and makes you realise whats out there. I would also recommend each month getting your hands on some astro mags such as astronomy now and s@n
  10. Hello and welcome John, seems you have the ground running there with all that gear, nice one. Plenty of people will be along to offer their advice, enjoy your set-up.
  11. I think you can use it after a certain amount of posts which i think is ten which you do have so try logging out and then log in again it it should be avaliable then.
  12. Hat's of to 'em, you need some cahoonas to do something like that!
  13. Ian123


    Other more seasoned observers will be along shortly im sure but i have not seen it in my 10" dob as of yet, only been out though twice in the last week and with the moon out and conditions not great i'm not surprised i didn't see it. I think you will need pretty dark and steady skies to view it.
  14. Ian123


    Hello and welcome to SGL.
  15. Although this is a different mount the principles are the same, HTH. EDIT: this is for polar alignment but not the GoTo procedure.
  16. Ian123


    Welcome to SGL Leigh.
  17. Nice one on the scope, you will enjoy the views, when the clouds gone of course.
  18. Will be following this, let us know how you get on with the EP, cant really find any decent reviews on these EP's! Feedback would be great.
  19. Definately a Glob or two, how about a pic so we can see the size of that beast!!
  20. Ian123


    Hello and welcome to SGL, Saturn will certainly wow you when you see it.
  21. I always keep my boxes even eyepiece boxes and pretty anything else thats quite expensive as well, the loft is full of em!!
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