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  1. Hello people, North west is terrible at the minute, had at most 5 mins brake in the cloud and rain to view the moon and jupiter but what a fantastic sight. I need to get some filter's i think cos blind in one eye now lol, hope the weather clear's soon because 3 day's of terrible cloud cover and not being able to see anything. Hope someone somewhere having a better tiome than i am, be well people, ian out.
  2. btw, loving Jupiter at the minute, i can see it's band's and the four main moon's which is just a great thing to see.
  3. I totally agree Skybrowser, bought my first scope january this year and never really used because was getting dissapointing result's. Until recently it was gathering dust, was'nt till last week i purchased some Helios 10 x 50 bino's and that has opened up a whole new meaning of sky exploring. Every clear night i am out with my bino's learning the constellation's and star's within them and then getting my scope out for a more detailed view. I now know my limitation's of my equipment (Skywatcher Explorer 150) and wont be dissapointed again, just waiting to win the lottery to buy a 16" scope though lol, clear skies everyone.
  4. I was flicking through the interweb the other night and came across this amazing observatory. Dont know if you have seen this but it's great what you can do with a bit of know-how, determination and desire to see it through. I think this guy has done an amazing job i thik you will agree. http://homepage.ntlworld.com/sg.waters/page36.html
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    Hello 2 all, Im ian from cheshire, got my first scope on monday and was out tonight the first time, lousy cloud last few days. Got a skywatcher explorer 150P by the way, seems good enough for a newbie like me. Just wanted to ask has n e 1 been out this evening, specially around 10:30, seemed what looked like a object on fire just east of me, hope it wasnt a plane or something, seemed like debris falling from it and moving quite quickly!! And n e advice is sorely welcome about viewing, was tough to get my scope balanced properly and EQ mount was a little tricky to say the least. Thought this was going to be easy, just point and look but not that easy is it, but excellent view of the moon!! cheers!!
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