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  1. I caught up with the "Down to Earth" on iPlayer this morning and thought it better than the main prog. They're both on an hour too late IMHO, I'd rather they were on at 8 o/c like spring / Autumn Watch.

    I find the whole obsession with Tim and the ISS a bit sad really, that we should have to make such a fuss about something that should be no more out of the ordinary than a 6 month tour in Antarctica.

    au contraire my dear fellow, we should be making a huge fuss about a fellow Brit on ISS, and to compare a six month space mission to an expedition in the Antarctic, well, i don't know what to say to that.

    Regardless of whatever content we should agree on, i am just pleased that a terrestrial broadcaster is putting out programmes of this nature and i think we all agree there should be a lot more of this ilk on our screens to encourage the youngsters into the science field.

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  2. I was in the same position as you a couple of weeks ago. The advice people gave me was to just use the scope with the supplied equipment for a while and you will work out what you need as you go. If when you're using the scope you think 'I could do with so and so' then you can look about getting it

    I did get a Cheshire collimation device with my 200P but it's not essential. Many people just use a cap with a hole drilled in the centre.

    + 1

    You will need plenty of patience as well

  3. I might have to cook and clean dressed as a stripper to bag one of those babies, but it's probably worth it.

    I'd buy you a nagler for that :(

    My 'ex' was a miserable old s-d who moaned about everything I did, whatever I was interested in, or wanted to watch on TV, or read, or talk about. She was only ever 'happy' when I did what she wanted. It took me over 20 years to realise we didn't exactly 'match'.

    My new other half of 3 years so far is a diamond (as well as being 15 years younger than me - God, it's tiring at times!!!).

    She encourages all of my daft hobbies and interests - I'm 57 and she's bought me 100's of pounds worth of plastic and die cast model cars (my other vice), a huge digital Scalextric set, a Limited edition Hank Marvin 'Burns Marvin' guitar - nearly £1000 alone - and almost forced me under threats to treat myself to my dream car - a Jaguar XK8 Silverstone. I wouldn't part with her for all the telescopes in the world. (She was with me and helped me choose my SW 130 Goto.)

    She doesn't mind at all when I stand and freeze my feet (and other bits) off and peer at fuzzy smudges in the sky, and when I actually find a good object, she comes and has a peep. I'm NOT a chauvinist, and I treat her likewise in return. It works.

    My advice???

    I'll give you one guess.....


    Just watch out for that skate on the stairs :)

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