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  1. Hi Carl, I've been using these for a while and really like them. They're v reliable, relatively light and suitable for deep discharge. They have great capacity, which self discharges only extremely slowly and they perform well in the cold too. Hope that helps. Barry
  2. I feel your pain. I actually had a very similar experience with polar alignment out at a dark sky site last year, and at 55 degrees north, it gets back breaking looking through that scope. You will not regret getting the polemaster. Extremely easy and extremely quick. Barry
  3. For 5 mins that’s not half bad. The HH is tricky because of the wide dynamic range with Alnitak in the frame. I always think the HH itself is pretty dim and needs a fair bit of integration time to bring out the fine detail. Just looked at your full moon HH too, btw, and I’d have been very happy indeed with that. Keep at it - if the clouds ever lift again in Norniron. Barry
  4. Great to see other people make cock-ups too. Misery just loves company! I’ll have to post the bahtinov image of the rosette tomorrow for the hell of it. It’s actually more recognisable than I would have thought. Should be worth a giggle at least. Barry
  5. The Rosette’s gone behind a tree now, so I’ve moved on to IC443. Should be able to get 4 hours of it. I’ve never tried if before, and I know it’s pretty dim, so I dont know what to expect, but worth a try. Good luck with the rosette.
  6. Oh my God. First clear, moonless night in forever and I waste the first 2 hours on the Rosette with the damn bahtinov mask on. What a complete tulip. Barry
  7. These are stunning images. I prefer the top one too. The detail and resolution just keep going. Beautifully done.
  8. That’s an incredible image. One to be really proud of. I love the Hubble comparison. Barry
  9. LOL. That's so true.
  10. One of the best I’ve seen of that target. Very accomplished work indeed. It’s all the more impressive for being just one night’s work. Barry.
  11. That’s a good idea about the star colours - but it would mean significantly upping my game in PixInsight! I was so pleased with the Triad filter from a red zone, and similarly impressed with PI’s photometric colour calibration for restoring normal colour balance. Barry
  12. Thanks Dave, yeah, I got it direct from OPT. I don’t think there’s any other option at the moment. Barry
  13. My effort from Derry last night - once I remembered to remove the cover from the field flattener. Doh. I know the North America Nebula is done to death, but this is my first time imaging it, and also my first time trying the Triad filter with my Nikon. I'm in the middle of the city but I was able to take 5 min subs! I processed in PixInsight, but didn't even have to do background extraction. I used photometric colour calibration to restore natural colour and then just did a bit of mild tinkering. I'm impressed by the Triad filter on my first try. Comments welcome - maybe I should try a star mask and try to bring out star colours? Barry 22 X 5 min subs - 1hr 50min integration PixInsight for calibration / registration / processing Mount - Vixen AXD2 Scope - TEC 180FL Camera - Nikon D750
  14. Hi Paul, In Derry here - and this has to be the first clear sky in 3 months. For me there’s no contest - if the sky’s clear then the camera has to come out. Am currently imaging the North America nebula. It’s been so long since I used the scope I forgot that I had left a cap on the inner end of the field flattener. Took me an hour to figure out what the heck was going on. Hope you have a good night. Barry.
  15. ... or a Sky 90! Going to try this out when the skies darken a bit.
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