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  1. I would suggest that you go for an 8" dobsonian. They are far less complex than equatorially mounted scopes. It just so happens I've one in the For sale section. Even if you don't fancy mine, a Dob, minimum 8" is the way to go and will last you for years. Unless you plan to specialise in planets with a small and very expensive refractor, I think you will soon tire of a small aperture scope. My Celestron 114mm Firstscope lasted but a few months before replacement. The Skywatcher 8" 5 years and the next, a 12" should be for life!
  2. Success! It's in the For Sale section now.
  3. Well, I've managed to get in 10 (I hope sensible) posts, but still can't place an ad. Do these things need a mod to activate or is it part of the Forum programming?
  4. My suggestion would be to use the scope for a while as it is and not spend any money on it. It will be limited by it's aperture and it's moderate quality lens will give false colour on bright objects. Better to save a little money and go for a bigger scope. My suggestion would be an 8" reflector on a Dobsonian mount, for simplicity. With this aperture you will remain interested for years and will have hundreds if not thousands of deep sky objects sensibly within your grasp.
  5. My first scope was a Celestron Firstscope 114mm on an EQ. It was fine for the brighter deep sky objects, but it wasn't many months before it was sold and replaced with a Skywatcher 8" Dob. Apart from the fact that this Dob is now for sale, to be replaced with a 12" (but I need one more post to put it in the For Sale section) I would say start with an 8" Dob. They are small (!) enough to manhandle easily, simple to use and have sufficient aperture to keep you interested for years, before the eventual aperture fever sets in. The small computerised scopes look cute, but IMO their performance is disappointing. Apart from high quality small refractors for planets, aperture is king and their is no substitute for it. I bought a S/H Meade 90mm goto as a grab & go last year. It's fine for the moon and tracking the sun, but honestly I didn't recognise the Orion nebula when it pointed to it!!! It was soooooo tiny and faint compared to the Dob. Your choice entirely, but I'll stick to 8" minimum to keep a newbies interest.
  6. When you decide you need a bigger scope (and you will, very very soon) I have an excellent 8" Skywatcher Dob for sale. I cannot put it in the for sale section just yet as I am striving for 10 posts! It is on UK Astro Buy & Sell though.
  7. The air in a shed will be quite damp most of the time so rust is normal. The scope will be better off covered to keep dust off, but use a porous cover such as an old bedsheet. Don't use a tarp as it will trap condensation. Then get a small de-humidifier from B & Q or similar. They don't consume much power and your corrosion problems will be over.
  8. Go Deep Sky, it's much more mind boggling (IMO)! Sorry if this comes across as a flippant reply, but I need 10 posts to post my 8" Dob for sale on here! I want a Revelation 12" ----------------- for Deep Sky.
  9. Lidl regularly have in their "Special Offers" an ironing stool in strong tubular steel and which is adjustable for height. Price about £15. Ironing stools elsewhere are £30 to £50. Go to their website and register for weekly emails of the offers and sooner or later they will turn up. I think I got mine Springtime.
  10. I've had a few things from Aldi and Lidl, including a combination microwave, a belt sander, a tap & die set, various hand tools and a bread maker and can honestly say that the quality is spot on. Most of their items would be good at twice the price (or maybe more in B & Q!)
  11. Right, I've made my decision and am going for a Revelation. I now have a Skywatcher 8" Dob for sale, but as this is only my post No 3, I cannot start a "For Sale" thread. If it's not breaking any rules, here's a link to it on UK Astro Buy & Sell:- U.K. Astronomy Buy & Sell Mods, if it's breaking rules, please delete. If it's any help (ie. if rules can be bent) I post regularly on the Airgun Forum with a total of 3245 posts. I am genuine and the 'scope is a good one! AirgunBBS.com
  12. I'm only 5' 6" but eyepiece at 4' 10" is fine, thanks. No problem for the weights with a bit of care. Decision time!!
  13. A very interesting report; many thanks for taking the time and effort. This report and now Telescope House's latest prices have got me seriously thinking!! One question though. Could anyone please tell me the eyepiece height above ground when at the zenith? I'm only a little guy!!
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