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  1. Well this has all died a death. The problem is with Google, but they don't answer my emails and have simply refunded the cost of the program (which still works, less the extended database and images of objects.) Google's after sales service is a sorry affair. It's a pity the app can't be bought elsewhere.
  2. Don't see how to edit. "Possibly I could try that but it would require a new release to try it out." This refers to my suggestion to SS to send me a copy of the app that does not need a licence code, my download having already been paid for.
  3. I don't think the compass or lack of is the issue. I don't have a compass and the app runs fine without the licence, except that it will not download or install extra information, including images of deep sky objects. Southern Skies are helping. They asked me for a logfile from the tablet (and explained how to get it!) and this is their reply:- " The problem is shown in the following two lines: I/LicenseChecker( 1067): Binding to licensing service. E/LicenseChecker( 1067): Could not bind to service. This is generated by Google's code, not ours. It shows the licensing code is trying to contact the Google license service and is unable to. I did some Googling and found a few other folks that have the same problem. 1. In one case the problem had to do with having an old AndroPTT App Center installed. My understanding is this is an alternative source of Android Apps. Do you have this installed and do you know the version? They said it needed to be greater than 1.5 2. Someone else commented that the license server is not very tolerant of slow network responses. Are you located somewhere with somewhat dodgy internet? They did claim they "fixed" it by modifying Google's code to be more tolerant but they gave no details. Possibly I could try that but it would require a new release to try it out. Anyway, it seems we are getting closer to the problem." They also commented that Google are pretty reticent about giving assistance, even to app developers. Sounds to meas if they're little more than cyber box shifters. If anything new crops up, I'll post details. It's an excellent app and deserves to run correctly for us and to make it in the marketplace for its developers.
  4. Thanks for the reply Steve. At least it shows that I'm not the only one. I'm still trying to bang heads together (Google and Southern Skies), but making no headway yet. Each one blames the other. It's a pity as it's about the best astronomy program I've come across, at least for the tablet. If I tap the tablet screen at the side the licence window, the app opens and can be used, but not all the data is available. With tablets becoming cheaper and much more popular, you would think they would be trying to sort out the bug. I use Redshift on the PC, but although it seems to hold more information, it's also more complex to use.
  5. Well, apart from a routine defrag, registry cleanup and runs of Malwarebytes and Spybot (1 Trojan found), Stellarium now runs without flicker in both window and full screen. Hope it stays that way, because it's an incredible little program and so easy to use.
  6. OK, found the "No opengl2" but the program is still flickering. It was worth a try though!
  7. I bought a generic Android tablet a few weeks ago (Android 4.0 ICS) and it's a revelation, but I'm having a problem with one particular App. It's Sky Safari and I have the same problem with both Standard & Plus versions. I pay for the app and eventually it shows as purchased on Google Playstore. I download the app, apparently correctly, but when I open it, after a correct title screen, the main screen comes on with a window saying "Cannot verify licence code". Both Google and the developer (Southern Skies) are supposedly trying to sort it, but has anyone here any ideas please. I'm a total Android virgin! One more question: When I go to Google Play on the tablet, does Android access it directly, or does it go through the browser? I'm using Firefox, but am wondering that if GP is accessed by the browser, maybe a change of browser would solve my problem. Apart from this, I can thoroughly recommend the app. I've seen it running on a friend's Galaxy and it has to be one of the best, (if not the best) astro programs around for tablet or smartphone.
  8. I'm running XP. The start button gives me access to Control Panel, which in turn has a Taskbar & Start Menu button, but I can't find any mention of OpenGL2 anywhere in there. Will "Clear list" (of startup programs) do the job?
  9. This sounds like it may be the solution, but how do I get to this start menu for the No OpenGL2 please?
  10. Thanks for the feedback so far guys. Re. the graphics, I think there's no separate graphics card, but that the graphics are part of the motherboard, but I wouldn't know where to start finding out! The machine is a generic from E-Buyer and this is the only glitch I've ever had.
  11. A couple of years back I installed Stellarium on a recommendation, but each time I opened it, the image on the screen flickered. After a few tries, I uninstalled. Last night, saw it in action at our society star party so tried again this morning. It flickered, but after three or four openings the flickering stopped. The program appears to run completely and perfectly, except that when the function menus are slid out, it is only they that flicker faintly. It is Stellarium Win 32 and I'm on XP. Any ideas to get rid of this flicker please?
  12. Does Stellarium for Android give Alt & Az for objects pointed to on the screen? If not, is there a planetarium app that does? I've used Astro Helper on PC for planning observing, but with a small tablet ordered, it would be more convenient on the hoof.
  13. Have a read of the "design" section on here:- http://www.oldham-optical.co.uk/ It may help to clarify things and there's a spreadsheet to play with different possibilities.
  14. No wonder UK prices are so high for everything. As soon as anyone comments on price being too high, the "You get what you pay for" brigade are out in force saying everything's fine! How about a 10" RC, admittedly tube only, for £1650? GSO 10' F/8 Ritchey-Chretien - 203/1624mm RC - Quarz Mirror Can't be any good can it? Would be OK for £4000 though? I knew someone woud one day break the price mould for RCs.
  15. If you go for a solid tube 12", measure carefully, then measure again. My last car was a Xsara Picasso, not exactly small and the Rev 12" went in the back, diagonally, rear seats folded, with only a couple of inches to spare.
  16. That's a much better bet. More fun, finding things yourself and an 8" will keep your interest for years. Unless you only want to do moon and planets, aperture is king!
  17. If you are going for your first scope, I suggest doing visual for a year or so, otherwise you may find you have too much to take in at once and don't succeed too well with anything. Find your way around the sky first.
  18. The Rev 12" has really excellent optics, so it's not unreasonable to assume the 10" should be to the same standard. The sliding trunnions and altitude bearings of the de luxe Revs are beautiful pieces of engineering, permitting balancing of the OTA (but not in situ) and giving a feather light alt. control. The lazy Susan does the same for azimuth, but benefits from added friction washers over the central bolt - hardly rocket science. No criticism of Skywatcher, but the deluxe Revs are IMO a cut above.
  19. The 200 Dob is hardly grab and go, but will keep you interested for years. Better that than a 150 Dob. It is quite bulky though, but the 150 will barely be smaller. You could go for the Heritage 130, which is an excellent scope, then save for a decent mount and scope for AP if that's the way you want to go. I don't think the Heritage focusser would do very well with a camera hanging on it.
  20. You can buy a lot more 'scope for a lot less money and goto, whilst useful, is not the Holy Grail the manufacturers would have you believe.
  21. "This is getting better, now a bit clearer on what I'm after, first, I'm going to ditch AP compleatly and just stick to visual observations. In fact, I had a browse around the Internet again before and came across a MEADE ETX-90 PE for only £599.00 it's way under my budget, anyone familiar with this scope and what the image views are like? " You won't see a lot through a 90mm unless you are only interested in the moon and would very soon be bored with it's limitations. This is well within your budget and will keep you interested for years. 8" Flextube GOTO Dobsonian £730 First Light Optics - Skywatcher Skyliner 200P FlexTube GOTO Or this one will slew and track for £470 http://www.firstlightoptics.com/dobsonians/skywatcher-skyliner-200p-flextube-auto.html I think it's fair to say that 8" is really the start of useful aperture when going deep sky (your galaxies and nebs).
  22. It would be better if lasers were sold as tools for rapid primary mirror collimation, rather than "laser collimators", which implies all aspects of telescope collimation. It's little wonder that newbies (and some oldies) get caught out. I'll stick with a Cheshire!
  23. The Rigel is only about 12cm high, so would hardly look ridiculous. Anyway, you wouldn't see it in the dark! Mounted on the front of the scope, you'd only need to raise your head from the eyepiece to look through the Rigel (or vice versa). The Rigel clips on and off for transport too.
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