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  1. Are any Solar systems with planets beyond the Crab Nebula in the Perseus arm? Can the Crab Nebula be seen all year round? Many Thanks.
  2. I am trying to determine which Stars allegedly lie along certain directions within the Galactic Plane (GP). I would like to be pointed to a good map of the Stars w.r.t the GP. Does anyone have a suggestion? Would love to buy a decent wall map of such. The other thing I'm pondering (main query here) and not sure if I'm right is if I take the 180 degree of the GP then I think I' heading out of the Galaxy directly away from the center. That would lead me through the Perseus arm (about 5000LY away) assuming I was keeping to the plane. Given that as a reference what nearest Star groups are in
  3. Referring to looking into the Perseus arm, is that not some 10,000 Ly away. Another thing that's bothering me is about the shape of our galaxy - is it the assumption that it is flat because of spinning matter will collect centrifugally around the axis of spin and therefore take up that shape like our Solar System? And is our SS aligned to the main Galaxy in any way? Thanks. New here.
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