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  1. Thanks for the message Ewan and I really do appreciate the kind offer My brief posts may have painted a picture far worse than it actually is though. It's not as though I am selling up to put food on the table; just to provide a bit of extra cash over Christmas. I'm self employed and was owed some money from a firm that has now gone bust due to the recession. So just to set your mind at ease- I have a good lifestyle, nice house, happy, healthy children and a happy(ish) wife! I haven't taken offence to any posts, in fact it has shown what a bunch of kind hearted people the SGL'ers seem to be. I fully expect to be operational here again in the new year and you can approach me with your idea, if you find a more worthy candidate and i will be the first to chip in (After Christmas of course )
  2. Thanks everyone. I'm sure I'll be back next year Unfortunatley I can't post my scope up for sale here as I haven't enough posts so fleabay it is
  3. Thanks guys. I do have binoculars so will keep my eye in.
  4. Due to financial reasons I have to sell my scope. It has given me some great evenings and once my situation improves I will buy another one. This forum has provided a wealth of information from some thoroughly nice people. So goodbye for now and clear skies
  5. Well I've managed to do the lift and shuffle several times now without too much difficulty. I've found its easier for me to manhandle it into position in one piece than to break it down and leave the tube standing on its own whilst I place the base.
  6. My observing sessions have just been massively improved with the recent purchase and fitting of a Telrad finder. Before I would struggle for ages to find an object I was searching for, sometimes taking a few sessions before I could track them down trying to star hop with my finderscope. Now using the Telrad I can put the scope in the right position straight away. You look through it and it shows the normal night sky without magnification, with a super imposed red target so that you can point your scope at the right place using a star map. All this for under £40!
  7. Thanks. I find I can carry it fine in one piece using the tension handles, but was just worried about the weight on them.
  8. I've just picked up my new 250px skyliner Dob Anyway what i'd liek to know is if its OK to pick it up by the tension handles to move it outside when I want to observe. There is a handle on the base as well but I can't see how that helps to carry it. Thanks
  9. But isn't the idea that having only one open causes less eye strain and in fact can somehow make you see better?
  10. Maybe I should post this on the beginners help section but I wondered if you keep 1 eye closed when you observe through a telescope. I know you are 'supposed' to keep both eyes open but I find that quite hard.
  11. I now have a pair of these Mickey Mouse boots from this link and I must say they are superb. They are really big and heavy but incredibly warm. Perfect really for standing around. I can see why they are called Mickey Mouse boots as not only do they look like Mickey's oversized feet, but they are so heavy you end up walking like Mickey as well...
  12. I've spent the last 5 or 6 sessions trying to find M51 without any luck. I will try your 7 o'clock method
  13. I'm looking at getting a drive for my EQ3-2. Is there much benfit in going for dual drives?
  14. I have the same scope and you get 250X with the 6mm AND 2X Barlow. Is that what you had? If not you would have only been 125X
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