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  1. LuminousCRO

    Mars is a dot on my 10" dobson?

    I know that this summer Mars was at it's closest in (maby I am wrong) 400 yrs. so that is a factor to include, but the seller told me I don't need anything else than this 10mm eyepiece. My uncle bought a 2x Barlow today so that should probably help.
  2. I've put a 10mm Plossl eyepiece on a 10" dobson and Mars looks like a small circle. Even on my friends 3" reflector you can see ice capes. I am going to Austria to ski, so no hurry with answers. 10q in advance!☺
  3. Thank you so much! I found a Moonfish 2" 30mm Superview and it sells for literally nothing. It is like 60$! I saved a lot of money because of You.
  4. So, I need an eyepiece which I can take pictures through. That means I don't want that part of the eyepiece where the light exists is narrow. That needs to be wide. Than I can take my camera stand and shoot. Sorry for misleading text.
  5. LuminousCRO

    Mirrorless cameras and telescopes

    Yes I did know that. Thank you for replying!
  6. Hi stargazers! I don't have a DSLR, but I have expensive mirrorless camera so I need wide lens on top of the eyepiece. I need at least 65 degree fov. I did research but I still didn't find anything good. Luminous Thank you in advance!
  7. LuminousCRO

    Mirrorless cameras and telescopes

    Thank you so much! I was thinking about converting a web cam but I will stick to this.
  8. Hi Guys, I wondered if it's possible to attach a mirrorless camera (that is a camera that is not able to remove it's lens) to a telescope. Is there an attachment or a camera holder? Luminous Thank you, in advance

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