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  1. Same thing with NGC891. After "developing" my images in Photoshop, I began noticing galaxies all over the place. I love your Markarian's Chain and will anxiously wait for the Moon to end it's visit with us so I can try what you have done. stacked jpg ngc891with flat and circles.tif
  2. Even with moon at 12% illumination, the Leo Triplet put on a good show. Here's what I got with approx. 100 30 second exposures at ISO500 with Nikon d5500 and Orion 8" f5 reflector on a Celestron AVX mount. Images taken last night, April 19th. Any constructive criticism on image would be appreciated.
  3. have you used nexguide with a OAG? seems like a good solution.
  4. well, any suggestions on an inexpensive guide camera and small scope setup? I'm using a 6" f5 newtonian on the avx, and it seems to be able to support quite a bit more weight
  5. Ive recently acquired a Celestron NEXSTAR 8SE, and a Celestron AVX mount. I've sold the NEXSTAR, but I am using the mount. It is very impressive, and I wanted to dive into guided astrophotography. any suggestions on a standalone autoguider? Would rather not use a laptop.
  6. thank you for an understandable explanation! Now I truly appreciate the mammoth task NASA has to make sure their astronauts are safe from collisions. Even though space station much much closer to Earth it's still probably a logistics nightmare keeping track of them all. BTW, my mount keeps drifting one way, then the other. is this Periodic error, unbalanced load, or power issue? Meade lxd75 mount.
  7. They are moving - each streak is how far they travelled in 30 seconds. At least 20 in a 30 minute period? thats alot of satellites. maybe disentegrated satellite pieces?
  8. hello. i'm new to this site. Mark is my name, and I enjoy astronomy in Western NC. I've taken some images of Orion nebula with a 102mm achromat, but noticed strange objects. I made a short video and would like some input on what in the heck all these objects are. These are 30 second images made into a video.... satellites galore.mp4
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