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    Thanks Kai, that seems to have done the job!
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    The 'ping' is not a noise - just the scope will not stay where I want it to be; it's like a door that will not stay ajar - moving back to the position it wants to be in. I think that I just need a lot more practicing moving it around - you know wanting to run before I can even stand up!
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    I had a phone call to tell me that conditions were particularly good for viewing the rings of saturn; I moved my scope outside and sacnned the sky for the most likely position - sure that I was on the right track I set up my scope and took a look and was rewarded with a brilliant white globe with the rings showing clearly. I rushed indoors to get my digital camera and when I got back I had lost my view from the eye piece, searched for ages (still not managed to suss out how to actuarely move the thing about) - It seems to 'ping' back when I position it! I eventually got it back in view and not
  4. What a beautiful clear night we had for it. Set up my celestron on the patio and was armed with little my Sony cybershot; took loads of pics - can't wait till Monday when I go to my photoshop class and get some help with the resulting pictures. The only downside was my neighbours security lights flicking on and off and their drunken commentry as the eclipse neared total - do you believe that I heard them tell their kids "when the eclipse happens is will be total darkness, just like sunlight!" (Theres a good reason to keep off the beers!)
  5. Had my scope since xmas and dint realise the big cover came off!!
  6. the moon was not in the ep at the same time - just meant that Im sure I can focus - I'll hopefully take another look in the morning.
  7. The moon was in focus and I played around with the focus on the 'polo' and was sure that it was ok - I'll try to have another look tomorrow morning around the same time - if clouds allow
  8. This morning I went out about 4.30, lovely views of the moon and one star in sight; I focused in on the star to see a lighht emitting polo with a dark/black centre. OK, ok - my son and better half have taken the micky - can anyone explain what I saw?
  9. Practice deinately makes perfect, last night I was able to set up my scope and focus in on the moon within a couple of minutes (felt rather good, especially as I had my sisters and their families waiting by for a midnight viewing) I was also able to show my neice and nephew how to find polaris using URSA major - felt good that [glow=red,2,300]I [/glow] could do it as well as passing on some very new knowledge. Started saving already to get some equipment to start photography - the photographs that I have taken so far have been very hit and miss just holding my dig camera to the eye peice and h
  10. Excuse my ignorance, but what is a barlow lens?
  11. Yesterday evening I took a quick peek out, and to my surprise saw the moon peeking through a gap in the clouds, can't remember the last time that I moved so fast! Got the moon in the finderscope but could not find it in the eyepiece - was so dissapointed after about twenty minutes of searching, eventually my partner managed to get it in view and that was such a WOW moment, then after a few seconds the clouds covered it. I sat patiently waiting and wondering if it would re-appear, eventually it did but took me another fifteen minutes to get it in the eyepiece again, the scope would not stay st
  12. This morning I took my telescope out to practice moving and focusing, I managed to spot and focus in on a couple of trees and an electricity pilon! Now comes the silly question; is everything that I view meant to be upside down or am I doing something wrong?
  13. I have a celestron powerseeker 114. I suppose someone out there knows what that means?! It was such a surprise to get a telescope for xmas; my darling partner knows I have always loved to lay under/walk under the stars and just think about what might be going on up there - I guess that we will be able to do alot of that together now. It came as boxed set with two eye peices - a 20mm and a SR4. It toook me quite a while to put it together, as the instruction seem to presume you have an idea what all the pieces are called - thank god for illustrated instructions! Obviously, I want to look upwar
  14. Ok, so I was up and down more times in the night than a tarts knickers, looking for the tiniest gap in the clouds so that I could take my first look through my telescope. All I have managed to achieve is a sence of frustration and the need for a good sleep! I have been browsing this excellent site and surfing the net all morning looking for some information that will help me once a clear sky appears. I have taken some notes about the things that I think I must do/know/get/understand/save up for and wondered if you kind folks can tell me what I am missing for a complete novice. [li]must allow
  15. Hi,everyone. I have just got a Celestron Powerseeker 114 for xmas; I am a complete novice and have no idea about the skys - but d know that I have been known to settle down on my patio under a blanket to gaze at the stars on a clear nigh, cant wait to start looking but the sky is full of clouds - feel like a kid waiting for Santa!
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