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  1. Just a simple note that the latest version of Teanviewer free edition now allows peer to peer connection via LAN or Wifi and does not require internet if you so choose. It all happens locally and not on far away servers which introduces delays or dropouts. The new GUI is quite good and simple and it handles all the handshaking. Only Windows 10 pro version allows Remote Desktop control. Home version has only connectivity but not control. Can't wait for a clear night to test the new found wire free session. Everything works find in room to room wifi connection.
  2. Cornelius, finally a clear night ! I was able to use Stellarium to slew and track stars and observe the Orion Nebula. This morning I configured Stellarium for direct telescope control, instead of going through StellariumScope, and it responded satisfactorily indoors. Next, I will upgrade to Stellarium 17 to stay current. After that, I will try capturing images with Lifecam HD Studio via SharpCam 3.1 and Canon EOS 600. Who said astronomy was dull... Thanks Cornelius.
  3. Thanks Cornelius for your reply. I will experiment with the direct Stellarium mount control. I infer from your description that after the LX 90 is setup horizontal and North, and then connected to Stellarium, this latter will take over and slew and track the selected objects. That is, Stellarium will keep the eyepiece view centered on the selected object. To put it another way, I keep the LX 90 in terrestial mode and let Stellarium do the job. Sorry for so basic a question but I am having still bad weather and cannot perform this simple experiment myself. Thanks.
  4. Hello, I have just joined this group and I hope my question is relevant here. After a long dormant period I have updated my setup to include Stellarium 15.1 and StellariumScope to PC control a Meade LX 90. Everything works fine indoors. Simulating a telescope setup level and North, selecting a star in Stellarium slews the telescope to what looks like the correct location. The telescope is in ground position (not astronomical tracking). Stellarium keeps the crosshair centered on the star. Question is: is Stellarium and StellariumScope now forcing the telescope to track the chosen sta
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