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  1. Thanks Dinoco the more I use it the mre easier it will become well here's hoping anyway lo l
  2. Hi Dinoco gonna get myself into a routine when taking my telescope out into my garden and finding my way around the sky, think my first objective is to take sharp photographs of the moon and once I am comfortable of how my telescope and camera work together I will turn towards the heavens and try to capture Orion Nebula
  3. A quick look - just stunning and so beautiful
  4. Big thanks Sara I will check out your website have a good night
  5. Harry Hare


    Hi All, Just like to thank you for letting me join, I've just recently bought a Skywatcher Explorer 130p Alt/AZ Goto telescope which came last Friday and although I still haven't got any alignment yet I can't wait until my first clear night. The Gallery has some fantastic photo's on it and some of the topics I have browsed through has some great advice that I can pick up - looks like the quote from someone "first two weeks after you buy a scope is always cloudy" seem to be true. I bought my telescope in order to take photographs but picked the Alt AZ mount instead of the EQ mount (long exposures) but I hope that I'll still be able to take some photo's of the planets, sun and moon and any tips would be gratefully received - here's to clear skies !
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