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  1. You could desolder the regulator and test it outside the circuit with 12v to make sure its giving out the correct voltage. Maybe that's whats not working correctly and killed the first cap.
  2. Why not you just replace the blown cap to be safe? Is not hard to desolder those, and you dont have to worry about damaging it since it's already blown. If you don't have a hot air station, just add a nice blob of leaded solder on each side and put the iron quickly on each side (I desoldered a lot of soic8 chips like this), make sure to use some wick (and flux) to clean before soldering the new one. The cap is probably 4.7uF, never seen a 4.6 one, and rated 25 or 50v.
  3. I recently got a 8'' dobs and got so many great views. If you can try, looking at the orion nebula, was the first nebula I saw, very easy to find and it looks so amazing.
  4. Like 8 months ago I was planning to paint the laundry room, last room in the house that I didn't paint since I moved. I bought the paint and some brushes, stored them on the shed. Today I emptied the room, took the paint out, stirred it, and went looking for the brushes, they are nowhere to be found. I literally spent more than an hour looking for them, had to buy a few new ones. So annoying, it's not like they are small like a screw, I know they are there, somewhere, waiting for me to find them when I don't need them.
  5. Because of a refund, I have 29USD in amazon gift card balance. Any recommendations on what to spend it on? I found this 40mm ep https://www.amazon.com/dp/B013FLSO9O/ref=twister_B073R86BDF, obviously not the greatest ep, but it's pretty cheap and the longest focal lenght ep I have is a 32mm (I don't have it yet, it's in shipping), so it seems interesting. Another option would be a kindle edition of turn left at orion (I would prefer a hard copy but at least I could start reading it). My restrictions are, must be amazon.com (US) and must be something light (I am importing it to my
  6. I get better views from long focal lenght eyepieces for deep sky objects, the shorter I go the darker the image and less details I am able to see. I don't own one myself, but from what I read the TeleVue wide angle eps are great for dsos.
  7. As Floater said, if you are interested in astrophotography, most of your money will go to the mount, then you can just upgrade the OTA when you feel like you need to. The AP guys will give you a better advice on which OTA will be good to start, for the mount, I would look into an eq5/heq5 pro depending on how much weight you are going to put on it. If you have the cash, eq8.
  8. https://youtu.be/irZelZxvElI?t=6
  9. They have excuses for everything you can say, and they are all ridiculous. Just ignore them. Theres also those who believe the earth is a cube, still stupid but their explanation is more interesting lol.
  10. Damn, I wish importing to my country was easier (and cheaper), this looks like a great deal.
  11. Has anyone been observing the nova in eta carina these last days? https://www.aavso.org/aavso-alert-notice-626 I tried two nights ago, looking for a bright star near those coordinates (HD92063). It was a little hard since it's the first time I try to find a target like this with my manual dobs, but it felt really good when I finally found it. To be sure I was looking at the correct area, I emailed the astronomy area of a university in my state, giving them the coordinates and asking if they could take some pictures. Today they sent me this: Today I tried observing it again
  12. Do you know at what time you took the pics? Based on the pics metadata and stellarium, theres no satellite there. If the metadata time is incorrect, https://www.n2yo.com/satellite/?s=37372 this one was around that area at 1AM UTC+1 March 26.
  13. I don't even know how people process these images so I'd leave those comments to the experts. I will just say I love the picture, it looks amazing.
  14. I only have my first scope since a few weeks, but every time I use it, its pure joy. I live in whats call a "microclimate", and dark and clear skies are very common here, I guess if I had to wait or drive a lot to get dark skies, I would feel different. Sometimes, when family comes for dinner for example, I take the scope out, and only use it like once every 20 minutes, try to find a nice view and call the family so they can check it out. Other times I use it for only 15 minutes to watch the moon, and other times I would stay up until 5am pointing it at random places. So far, I haven
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